Life does not have a speed limit

September 16, 2006

Life should come with a safety airbag or a life preserver. No matter how safely you try and live your life, there are sharp turns and speed bumps that you miss spotting in time and your life is thrown a curve.

Mine is having to look towards having spinal cervix surgery to remove 2 discs. My ongoing tribulation is with my youngest daughter who finally has achieved a milestone in her life by finishing all the tests for the G.E.D. Today in the mail, they sent her diploma. I wish that she was here so that we could celebrate her getting this milestone in her life.

I will take these speed bumps anytime over anything that deals with a hopsital. I am very proud of her in getting the G.E.D. — with her having experienced a lot of setbacks and disappointments in the past 4 years. My daughter has been nothing short of a remarkable young lady who has overcome adversity in many forms, and she has made the first step in her life toward the career she wants.


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