September 26, 2006

Today, as I read further about the comments of what the Pope said in his speech in Germany, the muslim world demanded a retraction about his comments.

What I find disturbing is nobody can say anything about Islam at all or it is considered an attack on their religion, the believers of the faith then go on a rampage and attack or vow suicide bombers to avenge the insult.

What religion would demand suicide or murder based on a speech or let alone comments that are the truth about the religion based on the religious teachings.

A religion that urges attacks on the innocent (women, children, the old and the infirm) should not get to have the feeling of being attacked but should prove itself to the world that the comments are not true.

Muslims in different countries instead went of rampages to avenge the alleged slight against Islam, in Palenstine they attacked 5 churches because of the speech, the believers of Islam can condem and attack those who do not believe in their faith that is not what I would call a religion but more on the border of an cult following of a solitary human being and they putting him on par with GOD.



  1. white slavemaster, or member of the ruling class in Autophytes under heavy discipline or punishment. for example

  2. see ganja (4) Shaastra master over the slaves (29)

  3. to knock or bump against, from “to bounce”, Shaastra Let Us. (4)

  4. only, solely, unaccompanied. (5) weak, pallid (6) Invernesshire A Greeting. excellent, cool, highest (1)

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