Heros and Idols

October 1, 2006

cc1212-the-power-of-seven.jpgIt is a sad day that kids today do not have heros or idols to look up to anymore. It wasn’t long ago that kids and adults had the luxury of looking up to heros because the persons that were heros or idols lived both in public and in private based on a core set of values instilled by their parents as they grew up.

The heroes today cant be put on a pedestal because they have no core values for kids and adults both to admire. It is a shame that the media cant build up a hero but rather they will tear him or her down for the sake of alleged ratings or circulation.

I have 3 hero’s in my life that the media will never be able to tear down, If the media were to find out who my heroes are, they would go back into the past of my heros to find what ever that could to show why my hero’s are not worth to even to be admired that is why I will never name them.

My heros tried to live up to their core values both in public and in their private lives. Sometimes they failed but they did have the courage to admit their failings. If anyone wants to add to this they may do so at there leisure. Heroes are to be admired for their actions. Persons that show their humanity by what they do. Heroes are those that live by their actions both in public and in private, and living under a microscope because of how they live their life.


One comment

  1. My hero died long before I was born, my grandmother, but she gave me her hands which I call “Nancy Hands”. Long, thin, diligent fingers and a map of thin lines set against the palm. She was a free spirit, what other people call crazy, I think. She loved her family but after her husband passed she grew very ill and soon killed herself. Heroes are human too, and will inevitably let down their followers, but always triumph in the end, right? So when Nancy left behind her three children to fend for themselves,I hated her. But I realize my dad would not be the wonderful father he is had he not faced such a challenge, though I feel reluctant to admit it. My father is my new Hero, he has “Nancy Hands” too.

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