Corporal Punishment In School

October 3, 2006

Today was an very odd day it was my first time out of the house since my surgery. I had gone for a walk to Mcd’s for coffee and to read the paper from cover to cover.

On the t.v. was FOXNEWS channel about corporal punishment and how it is applied at one jr high school in FortWorth, Texas and, how it has turned the school overall around.

The parents both single and married couples were asking how to keep their kids from being suspended but getting the kids overall attention. Their behaviour was not going to be tolerated or rewarded with school suspensions.

This is the link for the video Paddling Board of Education in the video the principal explains the reasons for it. Why it has been revived and the other options the parent/s along with the students. Other options for and both the student and parent/s must sign the release forms in order to allow the paddling.

After over 15 years of being a school bus driver and seeing parents make choices letting the kids think that they can never do no wrong because they will always be innocent no matter what. Is one example of how most parents do not want deal with raising thir child/ren when the student acts up on the schoolbus or in school.

They see school as a form of baysitting for them and freedom from their kids. In the many different school districts that I have driven for.

The actions of the kids that are written up for are very wide ranging from verbal threats of beating another student up individually to group beatings to the extreme of sexual assault on the bus and in schools by kids in grades from 4th on up.

I have witnessed the extreme many times and have written the kids up, all I recieved for my efforts was reassignment to another route. reassignment meant that I had broken the GOLDEN rule, I caught the student in action and moved him/her and wrote the incident up by doing my job and reporting the offense.

The school administrations at each school do not want a paper trail of the extreme offenses to exist because it goes against the schools ranking in the school districts.

I say its time that Minnesota brought back the wooden board of education and to start educating them again. Here is a list of the states that allow corporal punishment in some form or another.


Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas,
Colorado, Delaware, Florida,
Georgia, Idaho, Indiana,
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico,
North Carolina, Ohio Oklahoma,
Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee,
Texas, and Wyoming

This does not mean I condone abuse, of any kind but if it is done the right way then it is not abuse. With some students the paddle is never needed mainly because their parent/s are doing their jobs as parents.


One comment

  1. How can you think it is okay to curb violence by using violence. Consistency is the key to helping kids understand their boundaries, and it is extremely inconsistent to tell a child that they can not use violence, but you can use violence on them. It seems to me that common sense should prevail.

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