A wanna be hero Falls

October 14, 2006

Do sport contracts ruin the person/player?

owens_thumbnail.jpgTerrell Owens is great at being an ordinary human, but fails when it comes to being a sport superstar. He showed his true side once again acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum.

The tantrum in question took place when he refused to take directions from the team’s wide reciever-coach, all because Mr. owens [lack of capitalization intentional] felt that he wasn’t getting the ball enough during the game. If Mr. owens would like to achieve fame on the field, he needs to remember that his antics off the field are as closely followed as those on the field – he is the image of the Dallas Cowboys.

I remember when players played for the love of the game. Has the NFL come down to the level of indiscriminate juveniles who have no concept of honoring a contract, let alone their word when given?

Mr. owens reminds me of randy moss [again, lack of capitalization intentional], has the same behaviour as mr. owens when it comes to preparing and playing the game, another failed athlete who was just average as a human being. When you play on a professional team, you play for the team as a whole – not for yourself an individual. It is time for players who achieve the status of superstar in a team sport learn that. Today, most act like spoiled brats getting undue credit as adults.

The quickest way to eliminate all these rich contracts is to give 45% ownership of the team to the players. The rookies could buy their shares from players who own a share but did not make the cut.


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