Truth and Misinformation

October 14, 2006

Millard Fillmore was the Whig president(liberalist) 1850.

The 1850 compromise came about to appease the hard core democrats who believed in slavery! Senator Stephen A. Douglas’s (Democrat) effective strategy in Congress combined with Fillmore’s pressure from the White House to give impetus to the Compromise movement. Breaking up Clay’s single legislative package, Douglas presented five separate bills to the Senate:

1. Admit California as a free state.
2. Settle the Texas boundary and compensate her.
3. Grant territorial status to New Mexico.
4. Place Federal officers at the disposal of slaveholders seeking fugitives.

The following is the truth about the discrimination that Democrats practiced real life, ” On February 19, 1942, President Roosevelt (hard core racist) issued Executive Order 9066. This gave General DeWitt authority

Starting on March 2, 1942, General DeWitt issued orders requiring all persons of Japanese ancestry in eight Western states to report to temporary assembly centers. When they reported, the government transported them to permanent “relocation centers,” the guarded prison camps where they would remain for up to four years.

When ordered to evacuate, Issei and Nisei families usually had only a few days to sell their homes, businesses, vehicles, and other property. Even so, almost all cooperated with General DeWitt’s orders, believing that by doing so they proved their loyalty.

Although more than 60 percent of those ordered to evacuate were U.S. citizens, none had a hearing or trial before the government locked them up in relocation camps. Once in the camps, however, the government asked them to sign a loyalty oath to the United States. Most did, but about 4 percent refused, protesting how they had been treated. The government classified these individuals as “disloyal.” Use this link to where you can read the whole article.
Congress never once questioned Roosvelts tatics once
Should the same rights that we have as american citizens be given to people who seek to kill us and destroy our way of life?

leave your comments and they will be posted because I am a firm believer in free speech, just not the same rights to those that are not U.S. citizen or here Illegally.

The following act was passed and signed into law pales in comparison to how President Roosevelt acted during WWII.

Military Commissions Act of 2006, authorizes the president to use military tribunals to try enemy combatants(terrorists) that represent no nation or uniform, and to adhere to the Geneva Conventions, where as President Roosevelt ignored them totally.


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