October 16, 2006

aclupitt_sm.JPGIs the ACLU a legitimate organization or one that borders on trying overthrow a duly elected government by assisting in the illegal immigration over legal immigration into the U.S..

The ACLU knowingly helps terrorists and criminals getting into the U.S. by illegal means(along the U.S./Mexico Border) for the purpose of killing innocent U.S citizens.

I am quite surprised about the ACLU, I always held the organization in high regards for defending civil liberties.

The following Organization is just a group of American citizens who feel that our laws should be enforced and not paid lip-service, The minuteman project.picture1.jpg

I believe in legal immigration from all countries, but I do not support illegal immigration.

When trying to have an open dialogue regarding illegal immigration the opposition resorts to tactics that are reminiscent of Hitler’s storm shock troop’s if you had any views that are not the same as theirs. They will use hate, yell, shout and physically attack you for having views that are not in line with them.

Legal immigration is when the laws are followed when immigrating to that country.

The first step is to get a visas from your country to enter our country and then apply for a work visas.

To enter another country illegally, should not allow you all the same rights as legal immigrants and natural Americans, a recent study showed that legal immigrants were strongly opposed to illegal immigration because it affect them as well.

Should ACLU that actively support(aiding & abetting) illegal immigration be punished to the fullest extent of the law, for not obeying the laws in the first place?


One comment

  1. The ACLU is going to be the DOWNFALL of The United States.

    The only hope we have is to put our support into the ACLJ as they will be the only one strong enough to defeat the ACLU!

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