Is it Discrimination or Prejudice

October 17, 2006


This Quote by Freddy Fender: “Whenever I run into prejudice, I smile and feel sorry for them, and I say to myself, `There’s one more argument for birth control.” He told the Washington Post in 1977.

Freddy Fender had the right attitude when it comes to people who are prejudiced. Let them live so that they will be a constant reminder to everyone of people, who live in the past. To judge a person on looks and not on the person’s character. Shows their ignorance to everyone by basing a person’s color or race, and not on the person’s character.

Everybody should be judged on their content of their character.
My personal views are based on Mr. Freddy Fender’s belief but I have taken it one step further. To me everybody is green and Kermit is our leader(if Kermit can have a g/f like Miss Piggy) because Kermit, would judge on a persons character and how they contribute overall.

please post what your views are!

Here is a link so that you can preview his music.


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