Whom should get my vote and why?

October 24, 2006

The following are the candidates that are running for election to become the next senator, or other offices that are up for election or re-election why should I vote for any of them, because they haven’t given me a reason why I should.

  • Robert Fitzgerald – I
  • Mark Kennedy – R
  • Amy Klobuchar – D
  • Michael James Cavlan – G
  • Ben Powers – CON

The next two are running for the house, one candidate has been nothing short of a harpy while in office not even trying to be optimistic about our military or the good economy that the u.s. is having. her opponent hasn’t offered anything as to why I should vote for him.

  • Obi Sium – R
  • Betty Mccollum – D – incumbent

The following persons are running for govenor:

  • Peter Hutchinson – I
  • Tim Pawlenty – R – Incumbent
  • Mike Hatch – D
  • Ken Pentel – G
  • Leslie Davis – AI
  • Walt E. Brown – I
  • WESLEY C. Nelson

None of the candidates have even bothered me to inform me as to where they stand, and what their platforms are or what they hope to accomplish if elected.

The following are running for Secretary of state, just what does this office do in the first place, couldnt this job be cut to a part time position?

  • Joel Spoonheim – I
  • Mary Kiffmeyer – R – Incumbent
  • Mark Ritchie – D
  • Bruce Kennedy – I

The following is for the office of State Auditor, this office should be auditing all agencies as to whether they should be kept or eliminated.

  • Lucy Gerold – I
  • Patricia Anderson – R – Incumbent
  • Rebecca Otto – D
  • Dave Berger – G

The following are running for State Attorney General

  • John James – I
  • Jeff Johnson – R
  • Lori Swanson – D
  • Papa John Kolstad – G

This has been abused by the current attorney general by deciding which companies will succeed in the State of Minnesota.

This office has been abused by the current office holder, and she isnt stopping at race baiting to keep her job.

  • Richard ‘Rick’ Mulkern – R
  • Mee Moua – D – Incumbent

The Following office needs a new person, this person has has been detrimental to the district that he represent by not doing his job for his constituents.

  • Greg Le May – R
  • Sheldon Johnson – D – Incumbent

The above candidates have given reason as to why their opponents should not be elected but none for why they should be elected.



  1. Why not write in “none of the above”? For reasons why you should do this, see http://www.nota.org.


  2. I’m running for Secretary of State and it sounds like you should vote for me because I think the office should be abolished! http://www.bk4sos.org/abolishme.php

  3. The Secretary of State has a full time job, most of it spent on the business end of the office, not the elections end. You can find out more at the SoS Office website, http://www.sos.state.mn.us , or at her campaign website: http://kiffmeyer.org/Pages/expect.htm

  4. Here is what Mary Kiffmeyer plans:
    Keeping Minnesota #1 in elections will be my primary goal. The tools will
    be continuing to work with schools all across the state to continue the work
    of civic education so our students are prepared to vote when they turn 18.

    I want to use the foundation created in the Secretary of State Office web
    site over the past 8 years and institute an online voter’s guide and also
    take the beginnings of the Election Judge Trainee work and turn it into a
    full-fledged program.

    On the business services side of the office, I am proposing an overall
    reduction of 45% to our business services fees. We must continue to provide
    ever- improving service to keep current with the needs of our business
    customers. This will include increasing public access to information and
    services, as well as continued coordination with county officials.

    Implementation of the Safe At Home program (address confidentiality program)
    to allow victims of domestic violence to enjoy greater peace and security in
    their home and vote without fear.

  5. “race baiting” ?

  6. Dear Sir,
    I’m sorry we never communicated with you. We did the best we could meeting with whomever we could. But, we did not know everyone that we should contact nor did we have the time to do so. Leslie & I alone made the contacts. We did not have a bunch of people helping us and not a lot of money.
    The major parties have lots of resources and, quite frankly, are the ones that get covered. It is like pulling teeth to get mainstream media coverage if you are not a major party candidate.
    If you’ve ever run for office you probably understand what I am saying.
    As Lt. Gov. I was to shepherd through the legislation that would enable state-chartered banks to create the money for road and bridge maintenance debt and tax-free in lieu of bonding or taxation.
    Sorry to have dissappointed you.

    Gregory K. Soderberg,
    Candidate Mn. Lt. Gov. 2006
    Austin, MN.

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