Phyllis Kahn or DREAM KILLER

October 26, 2006

phyllis.jpg This lady phyllis kahn is trying to do a backdoor attempt to deny the private parachioal High School DeLasalle that has been on Nicollet Island For over a hundred years educating the students that went to the school.

The 1983 Nicollet Island Agreement set aside 1.7 acres of land so that DeLasalle that was adjacent to school covering a non historic street called oak grove. At that time School didn’t have the money to build the football field, rather they focused on the schools primary goal of educating kids. During that time the school almost closed but a plan was devised and it saved the school to the point where it now receives over 300 application for the 9th grade class every year with only 200 applicants are accepted both paying and tuition assisted students.

Now that the high school can focus on building a field that will be shared with the minneapolis park board, with the high school taking care of the maintence and upkeep of the field.

phyllis.jpg Phyllis Kahn has come to see that the lease that she has with the park board as her house and land as hers. She has lied and connived to make sure that the school doesn’t get the field. Why is it that only a small cadre were the only ones to know about the lottery to buy the houses for a dollar. Was the lottery publicized for everyone in the twin cities to buy a chance.

The following are 99 year lease holders of houses on the island for 23 years or less, where as the School has been there for over 100 years. They view the island as their private retreat and want DeLasalle to move so that their idyl life wont be interupted by children

  • phyllis kahn
  • Barry Clegg
  • jeffery strand
  • Janet Demming
  • John Chaffee
  • Victor Grambsch
  • Patrick Scully
  • Christine Viken

phyllis.jpg ms kahn says she is for the children unless it intrudes on her own island, I would call that two faced and to have her be removed from office.

The lease holders should have no say until they have been on the island as long as DeLasalle High School has been.


One comment

  1. Since you are naming names, you should know that your list includes people who do not live on Nicollet Island, people who live on private property on Nicollet Island that is not leased from the city, and people who have lived on Nicollet Island longer than the 23 years you claim is the maximum of anyone on your list.

    Have a look at the 1983 Agreement you cite. It promises the school a regulation-sized football field (no mention of stadium seating) and access to two tennis courts. In 1984, the city allowed the school to build a regulation sized football field onto the public right-of-way. That field is still there, fenced off for the school’s exclusive use. The park board built three tennis courts for DeLaSalle that are still in use. Any obligation to DeLaSalle in the 1983 Agreement was fulfilled more than a decade ago.

    Ask anyone at City Hall about the lottery. You will find out that the lottery for a chance to renovate houses on city property was, just as you suggest, advertised so that anyone in the Twin Cities could hear about it.

    Finally, you argue that individuals who live near institutions have no right to protest building projects by those institutions that have neighborhood impact (say, by closing streets), unless the individuals are as old as the institution. That makes no sense. Many local institutions and private companies date back to the early 19th or even 18th centuries. By your logic, only individuals who somehow manage to live out their entire 90-plus year lives in one neighborhood would have any right to protest when a business or institution wants to build something on top of their street. And you overlook the fact that residential neighborhoods are often older than the institutions that exist within them, as is the case on Nicollet Island. DeLaSalle High School is a relative newcomer to Nicollet Island, compared to the residential neighborhood that predates it by three decades or more.

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