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November 30, 2006

The one thing I have learned over the years is never ever attempt to get in between a female and her purse it is like their security blanket that they can use to deal with the world at large. Case in point a school principal has atempted to do the unthinkable, up in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.

Within hours of the agenda for the school board meeting being posted he was swamped in his office by irrate hundreds of mothers demanding to know why their daughter was not being allowed to bring their purse to class. I being a father of two teen age daughter, I am still mystified by their need of a purse and all it holds. Alas I will never ever try and come in between a woman her her purse unless I am ready to start a world war with the female gender which I shall surely lose .

Here is the link to the story that I am writing about.


Environmentalist The Economic U.S. Terrorists

November 28, 2006

Because of the alleged environmental damage that has not been proven the American consumers must pay higher prices ever. If the judicial system would take a look at the economic impact of the enviromentalist’s attempts at preventing the use of our own resources and paying other countries for their resources to keep our economy growing and expanding is detrimental, to the U.S. consumers, and our security.

Enviromentalist’s should have to prove that there will be irreparable harm done to the overall environment, and furnish a bond based on the amount of money that a company will lose if the project is stopped. Before they can file a case or injunction to stop a company from using our resources within the boundaries of the United States and along the coast lines of the U.S..

The newer technology that companies have access to limit any environmental damage compared to 30 years ago. What we have now are environmentalist using their beliefs as a religion to prevent any company using resources that will give the U.S. security and economic security from foreign countries controlling our economy.

Its time for the U.S. to use its own resources and not rely on foreign resources for our economy, and force any environmentalist groups to put up bonds in order to stop companies using resources with the U.S.

When did environmental religion trump the country’s security and economic security?



November 24, 2006

Just when you thought it was safe to volunteer for military duty the democrat will try and reinstate the draft because not everyone is serving the country. The truth is the military does not want the draft at all, we have a far superior military without the draft. Rep. rangel feels that in order for all americans to feel the pain of war is to bring back the draft but mainly aim the first round of draftee’s at the rich and middle class conservative families.

rep. rangel will exempt those who are families in govt. because he will say that those familes are already serving the country. The military is in complete opposition to the draft becaise our military has the best force in the world now mr. rangel wants to down grade the military. mr. rangel is another corrupt democrat who should be removed from office check out



November 16, 2006

keith ellison, promised on election night to hold true to diplomatic traditions and the first one he breaks is meeting with the president to to attend a party hosted by the AFL-CIO and CAIR. With mr. ellison’s past of breaking promises and not following the law what will the newly elected Muslim fascist do next after he is sworn in to serve his term.

Will he give his allegiance to the constitution and up hold all of the laws or the land or will he give lip service like a member of Al-Queda, where he believes that all females are like cattle and property to be owned and traded, with no rights at all.

With mr. ellison’s past of failing to obey Minnesota state laws what else will he do to our Countries laws after being sworn to serve his 2 years. Will mr ellison try and use his diplomatic immunity to help radical and fascist terrorists all over the world by attacking the U.S. from within, we must stand guard while we have an elected radical terrorist soon to be sitting in Washington D.C. and our nations capitol.

Mr ellison has shown that he will do whatever it takes to win illegally from ballot stuffing prior to the precincts opening, to intimidation of voters. What will he do now, let us be on our toes and watch his steps so that we do not have another 9/11 that will stain his hands, with the loss of innocent lives



November 15, 2006

Chuck Schumer if he has his way the Constitution will be rewritten to only allow the Democratic Elite to even vote let alone get educated. Mr. schumer does not practice what he preaches when it comes to hiring the best person for the job he believes in real discrimination if your values are not in line with his which is based on Nazi Germany.

Mr. schumers staff illegally have obtained credit reports of the opposition candidates in major races. What else is Mr. schumer hiding that the media is covering up?

Schumer used blackmail and initimdation with the threat of leaving the Senate to secure a spot on the powerful Finance Committee(used against the brokerage firms on wall street that he to wring large Donations to his campaign.), which writes the nation’s tax laws and, not insignificant, is a perch that puts him in constant contact with the political donor class. “That was my dream,” he says. “I always wanted to be on the Finance Committee.”

Mr. Schumer will now use threats and intimadation against private industries to get what he wats illegally he is now acting like the rev. jackson doing shake downs that are politically motivated to get money for illegal means.


Martin Luther King

November 15, 2006

Mr. King must be rollingover in his grave, after watching the past 30 years of blacks rushing to the party of the K.K.K. and Opression, and government slavery A.K.A. the Democratic Party. I personally am offended by his family embracing the Party of Opression.

Mr King was all about personal responsibility, individual rights, and the family where as the Party of opression is all about slavery to the Government, family destruction, and the loss of indidual rights.

The party of opression was literally against Civil Rights that was signed into law in the 1960’s, was filibustered by the Democratic party helped by senator Byrd A.K.A. Head Klansman. Over the past 100 years the Republican Party has been there for Blacks at every crucial point in history where the democrats would always vote to make sure that it would stay the status quo.

Of every governmental project or agency that has been created by the democrats not one has solved its purpose but to create a greater problem years down the road. The biggest blunder was the creation of the Social programs instead of helping, it created generations that have become dependant on the government to live day to day.

Martin Luther King was against all government programs that created dependency, he was all for Self-reliance and education by not relying on the government at all. It is time to push the handouts away, and to return to self responsibility.

To see the likes of any democrat there to help start the building of the memorial is like throwing garbage on his grave and memory, and his legacy.



November 14, 2006

During the 1973’s and the 1980’s it was about appeasement by the party in power which was the democrats that controlled congress where as they ran into President Reagan who turned their view of the world on its head by doing what was right for the United States and not for foreign countries.

The democrats are in the I HATE AMERICA crowd, they are against everything that makes america work. The one thing they hate the most is individual freedoms over federal government control of the masses.

Again hillary is going to try and shove federal maged care down our throats through backroom deals, this is how the democrats will run congress they will shut the republicans out of the process completely.

Its time for real americans who believe in freedom should vote the democrats out in ’08 because if not there will be no personal freedoms but slavery to the democrats who will run congress both legal and illegal means.