November 3, 2006

I have been reading newspapers on-line from all over the country, about how the minorities are standing up for the political rights within the Democratic party.

Will it happen that the true Dixie-crats, within the Democratic party will reveal themselves to be who they are, they see all minorities as votes and nothing more. The history of the democratic party using minorities for votes as a means to stay in power, and ruin the country from within.

The real democratic party person have their beliefs based on that sharing power is an altruism and minorities are nothing more than cattle that votes, and if one wishes to have a position in power they will do anything to metaphorically to slap the person back down.

The following is a history that are infamous scandals of the democratic party, Tammany Hall, (1833) the Force Act allowing Federal troops to enforce federal laws, (1833) The Democratic party enforcing one free state, one state for slavery into the union. late 1800’s Tweed Ring, The rise of K.K.K that worked on intimidation(Racism) of all minorities especially the blacks. The Democrats infiltration of the labor movements and Unions. The stealing(passing a bill to dump it into the general fund) of the Social security trust fund to pay for social welfare programs that began the destruction of families. Judges interpreting and redefining what is in the Constitution.

What if it wasn’t the mob that was taking over the AFL-CIO but Hard-Core Democrats to use the union dues funds?

The biggest abuse of power is using the IRS against their political enemies, this has been well documented.

Will the real democrats show themselves or will they stay in their terrorists fox holes?


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