November 7, 2006

If the Democrats gain control of the house and senate we will see a level of corruption, last seen when the democrats were last in power. The list of the Democrats that lead the list of corruption.

The only president(bill Clinton) to be accused and charged with rape

The following senators that are the most corrupt

Senator Kenndy from Mass. – drunk driving, murder, leaving the scene of an accident, political corruption
Senator Barbra Boxer – diverting money to her son from her re-election campaign for no work done.

Senator Jon Corzine -Last month it was reported that Senator Jon Corzine “voted to give himself and a select set of fellow millionaire investors a lucrative tax break from their controversial takeover of a Japanese bank.” This vote violates Senate ethics rules, and last Friday, two Princeton public interest lawyers have filed an ethics complaint against him.

chairman(dean howard) of the DNC – Linked to Abramoff

Senator Dick Durbin – Sen. Dick Durbin … took four trips paid for by outside interests and has assets of about $900,000, according to annual reports released on Tuesday.

Durbin traveled to Hawaii, Italy, India, Bangladesh and South Africa, according to his report. The non-partisan Aspen Institute paid for two trips and the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations another and the fourth by the taxpayer-funded Democratic Policy Group. These free trips — not to be confused with official congressional travel — are the subject of more intense partisan political scrutiny this year.

Senator Harry Reid – Lobbyist handling all his finances – William C. Oldaker, a 64 year old lobbyist, has been supervising the fundraising of the political action committees of a number of Democratic Senators… including Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, both from Arkansas. Oldaker also “oversees the leadership PACs of Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid of Nevada; Sen. Max Baucus of Montana, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee; and Democratic Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts.”

It is a legal practice, albeit one that raises concerns amongst advocacy groups that focus on ethics issues. “Those groups feel lobbyists’ strongest influence over a member comes not from buying them a meal or a gift, but from playing key roles in their fundraising efforts, which are nonstop.”

Senator John Kerry

Senator Chuck Schumer

Senator Jim McDermott

Senator Hillary Clinton

For further evidence of Corruption go to http://www.noagenda.org


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  1. SIR’ U R FULL OF SH’T!!!

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