November 9, 2006

There will be no minorities in positions of power when the democrats take control of both the house and the senate how strange it is that again the democrats used the minorities to gain power back in Washington.

What was promised this time, mr. Byrd the current ranking member of the K.K.K. still active will see to it that no minority will have a position of power. the same party that filibustered the civil rights in the 1960’s will be it again.

the media will continue to give all elected democrats a free pass on corruption.

Let us recall the biggest act of corruption of all, the stealing of the Social Security Trust fund starting in the 1960’s for the war on poverty, has it been won yet?

The private sector industries better prepare to be attacked and the democrats will choose which companies will prosper, and which ones will be under investigation.

The K.K.K.(Democrats) have an ally called the trial lawyers of America!


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