November 9, 2006

With the ethical questions haunting ms pelosi she should not be the Speaker of the house, she should step aside until the ethic’s violations are taken care of. ms. pelosi is damaged goods her own ethical violations make her unfit for leadership.

Just look at this website to see that she is unfit for the position.

ms. pelosi is damaged goods, anti-american, anti military will not vote to give the solider’s the proper protection so that they can do their job.

ms pelosi isnt qualified for the position with her ethics violations, sher should be investigated, why wont the press call for her tp step down?

ms pelosi voted against the ban against lobbyist gifts, was part of the 1980’s banking scandal, part of the S&L bailout caused by democrats controlling congress, they are the party of the corrupt.


One comment

  1. Great Web site and link locke100. It’s too late. The Progressive Dems run the show now. Get ready for a complete crackdown on gun ownership, heavy taxes on the middle, upper-middle class and serious, constant attacks on Americas freedom loving Republicans, independents and Libertarians. This is scary.

    Time to buy AR15s and large mags. They will be a great investment. They soon won’t be making any more of them.

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