November 12, 2006

Henry Waxman would at first seem to be the most unlikely source of the leaks coming from congress since he portrays himself to be on the straight and narrow but from his past are some of the biggest scandals in the past 30 years mainly the Savings and Loans(125 billion dollars) debacle where the democrats bailed them out at taxpayers expense.

The RTC was finally closed down after ten years of democrat control, the mr waxman was part of the following scandals as well the house banking scandal(434 bank OVERDRAFTS), he knew about the drugs being sold in the house post office(maybe benefittied from it as well), he also allowed lobbyist to have parking spaces near his office for quicker access.

With the democrats in control again there will be no investigation of the actions of the democrats it will be the party at any cost as usual, that is why a light should shine very brightly on mr. waxman’s house office.

He doesn’t like the military but he will now try and run the military in Iraq like the failed policies of the democrtas of the 1960’s did in Vietnam causing a higher death rate than ever please look into waxman’s staff and his own actions in the leaks of govt. secrets.

Mr. Waxman seeks to destroy the nuclear family for his own agenda, with ms. pelosi’s assistance.


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