November 15, 2006

Chuck Schumer if he has his way the Constitution will be rewritten to only allow the Democratic Elite to even vote let alone get educated. Mr. schumer does not practice what he preaches when it comes to hiring the best person for the job he believes in real discrimination if your values are not in line with his which is based on Nazi Germany.

Mr. schumers staff illegally have obtained credit reports of the opposition candidates in major races. What else is Mr. schumer hiding that the media is covering up?

Schumer used blackmail and initimdation with the threat of leaving the Senate to secure a spot on the powerful Finance Committee(used against the brokerage firms on wall street that he to wring large Donations to his campaign.), which writes the nation’s tax laws and, not insignificant, is a perch that puts him in constant contact with the political donor class. “That was my dream,” he says. “I always wanted to be on the Finance Committee.”

Mr. Schumer will now use threats and intimadation against private industries to get what he wats illegally he is now acting like the rev. jackson doing shake downs that are politically motivated to get money for illegal means.

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