Martin Luther King

November 15, 2006

Mr. King must be rollingover in his grave, after watching the past 30 years of blacks rushing to the party of the K.K.K. and Opression, and government slavery A.K.A. the Democratic Party. I personally am offended by his family embracing the Party of Opression.

Mr King was all about personal responsibility, individual rights, and the family where as the Party of opression is all about slavery to the Government, family destruction, and the loss of indidual rights.

The party of opression was literally against Civil Rights that was signed into law in the 1960’s, was filibustered by the Democratic party helped by senator Byrd A.K.A. Head Klansman. Over the past 100 years the Republican Party has been there for Blacks at every crucial point in history where the democrats would always vote to make sure that it would stay the status quo.

Of every governmental project or agency that has been created by the democrats not one has solved its purpose but to create a greater problem years down the road. The biggest blunder was the creation of the Social programs instead of helping, it created generations that have become dependant on the government to live day to day.

Martin Luther King was against all government programs that created dependency, he was all for Self-reliance and education by not relying on the government at all. It is time to push the handouts away, and to return to self responsibility.

To see the likes of any democrat there to help start the building of the memorial is like throwing garbage on his grave and memory, and his legacy.


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