November 16, 2006

keith ellison, promised on election night to hold true to diplomatic traditions and the first one he breaks is meeting with the president to to attend a party hosted by the AFL-CIO and CAIR. With mr. ellison’s past of breaking promises and not following the law what will the newly elected Muslim fascist do next after he is sworn in to serve his term.

Will he give his allegiance to the constitution and up hold all of the laws or the land or will he give lip service like a member of Al-Queda, where he believes that all females are like cattle and property to be owned and traded, with no rights at all.

With mr. ellison’s past of failing to obey Minnesota state laws what else will he do to our Countries laws after being sworn to serve his 2 years. Will mr ellison try and use his diplomatic immunity to help radical and fascist terrorists all over the world by attacking the U.S. from within, we must stand guard while we have an elected radical terrorist soon to be sitting in Washington D.C. and our nations capitol.

Mr ellison has shown that he will do whatever it takes to win illegally from ballot stuffing prior to the precincts opening, to intimidation of voters. What will he do now, let us be on our toes and watch his steps so that we do not have another 9/11 that will stain his hands, with the loss of innocent lives


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