Environmentalist The Economic U.S. Terrorists

November 28, 2006

Because of the alleged environmental damage that has not been proven the American consumers must pay higher prices ever. If the judicial system would take a look at the economic impact of the enviromentalist’s attempts at preventing the use of our own resources and paying other countries for their resources to keep our economy growing and expanding is detrimental, to the U.S. consumers, and our security.

Enviromentalist’s should have to prove that there will be irreparable harm done to the overall environment, and furnish a bond based on the amount of money that a company will lose if the project is stopped. Before they can file a case or injunction to stop a company from using our resources within the boundaries of the United States and along the coast lines of the U.S..

The newer technology that companies have access to limit any environmental damage compared to 30 years ago. What we have now are environmentalist using their beliefs as a religion to prevent any company using resources that will give the U.S. security and economic security from foreign countries controlling our economy.

Its time for the U.S. to use its own resources and not rely on foreign resources for our economy, and force any environmentalist groups to put up bonds in order to stop companies using resources with the U.S.

When did environmental religion trump the country’s security and economic security?


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