December 1, 2006

Pelosi has to many ethical violations to be even considered to be speaker of the house, the speaker of the house should be a rep. who has no ethical violations, or has broken the law in their respective states or cities either before elected or while they have been elected. The media in general will turn a blind eye to pelosi cause she will break barriers by being the first female speaker of the house but the real question is is she qualified to do the job and have no ethical violations.

The Speaker of House should have no ethics complaints or violations.

Why did Pelosi threaten her opponent during the elections by gaining alleged evidence and threaten to have the newspapers print the information as if it was the truth?

democrats use physical threats and intimidation to get their way, why wont any democrats come up with ideas that have substance and will actually benefit all americans instead of tax cut targeting.

Why did pelosi try to get the IRS to invesigate her opponent during the past election cycle?


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