December 8, 2006

Here is a link to an article that fully and completely rebuts all arguments about global warming. Why does AL gore and other less than top scientist ignore the middle age warm-up and then the little ice age commented on in this article, and the media uses its clout to stir up fears.

Congress just released what is titled the skeptics guide to DEBUNKING GLOBAL WARMING. The facts are now laid out the media was asleep at the wheel instead of asking for proof instead of listing the hysteria of the believers global warming. Not taking into account the same ones who are clamoring about global warming are the same ones who cried in hysteria, that the earth was starting a Ice Age in 1972 and that by 19999 that everybody would be carrying their own oxygen mask for breathing because of all the pollution mankind was creating.

You just can’t begin to predict any type of patteren based on 125 years of accurate tempature readings. Its time for responsible people in all types of media to take a step back, and look at all the facts not just the rewritten history but include the omitted facts by the Global warming theorists, by including all the facts the global warming hysteria doesnt add up at all.

The global warming hysterics have reached a new high, one artist has crucified santa on a cross to make a point about global warming.


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