December 10, 2006

Just read an article in the Plagiarizing Startribune newspaper about Nancy Pelosi and the democrats and how they will have the most ethical congress in history. This link has a list that documents just how Unethical the democratic party really is. The Democratic party will do anything to attain power because to them the Means justify the ned result over all else. They even vote to Honor cop killers. The following is just a partial list from the above website.

Rep. Neil Abercrombie
Rep. Howard L. Berman
Barbara Boxer
Rep. Corrine Brown
Rep. Sherrod Brown – Plagarizer
Francine Busby – Urges Voter fraud
Representative Michael E. Capuano – Ethical Violations
Rep. Russ Carnahan – Financial Irregularities Fines
Senate candidate Bobby Casey Jr – Linked to Jack Abramoff
Hillary Clinton – Federal Election Violations, and making false statements, Fraud
Rep. James Clyburn – Connected to Jack Abramoff
Rep. John Conyers – Ethics violations- forced employees to workfor free
Senator Jon Corzine – Complete corruption, naming another corrupt elected rep. to finish his term
Rep. Jim Costa – Cronyism
Rep. Elijah Cummings – Ethical violations
Rep. Danny Davis – Terrorist connections
Rep. Lincoln Davis – Croynism
Susan Davis – Ethical violations, paid lobbyist trips
Senator Mandy Dawson – Money Laundering, Ethics violations, solicitations, drug fraud
Howard Dean – Jack Abramoff, Croynism
William Delahunt – Lobbyist connections, Fraud, Ethical violations
Rep. Diana DeGette – Ethics violations, late filing travel papers
Rep. Norm Dicks – fails to report lobby junketts
Senator Byron Dorgan – election fraud, jack Abramoff
Sen. Dick Durbin – travel fraud
Rep. Rahm Emanuel – election finances
Del. Eni Faleomavaega – Foreign travel
Rep. Sam Farr – Exotic trips scandal, late filing, Ethics violations
Rep. Harold Ford Jr. – failed to file any travel papers, major Ethics violations
Barney Frank – late filing, Ethics violations, sex scandal, Jack Abramoff
Dick Gephardt – Ethics violations, Croynism
Rep. Charles Gonzalez – Travel Scandal, Ethics violations
Rep. Luis Gutierrez – Travel Scandal, Ethics violations
Sen. Tom Harkin – Finance fraud, Jack Abramoff, illegal fund raising

Does the American People really want this party to spend the tax payers monies and increase the tax rate on the american people to pay for programs that we do not need.


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