December 18, 2006

This is the time of year I both look forward to and dread at the same time because of my divorce from my ex and how the holidays were dealt with regarding both my daughters. It’s hard to plan anything if one parent resents the others parent time with their kids, the one will usually try and find ways to disrupt any plans that the other may have.

I have always tried to make plans that were simple but fun to do with them even if the ex did try and ruin the plans most of the time. I always tried to do the easy things from taking time to bake Christmas tree breads, to watching Christmas movies from the funny ones to the real corny ones.

My daughters would always ask me what did I want for Christmas and my response was the same every year and it still holds true today, to have them visit me whenever they were able to. They both would get upset with me for not wanting any types of gifts.  Gift cards they fit me to a T, i was able to use them to buy myself something simple but still buy them presents as well.

I see Christmas as a time that I can give to those that have helped me thru out the year by being them family or friends my needs are not important this time of year because of both family and friends help me out doing things for me the rest of year.

Christmas is a time to be of giving of ones self without letting anyone know who you are by helping those that may need the help, my daughters helped me understand what christmas is truly about even it was at its hardest with their mom trying her hardest not to allow them to see me no matter what the courts said.


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