January 11, 2007

After the Governor announced that the state would have a budget surplus the first thing that the democrats did was give themselves bigger per diem’s and a larger housing allowance. They were elected to serve the people of Minnesota not enrich themselves at tax payers expense, why do they need the following?

For the state senators

1. per diem went from $66.00 to $96.00 per day

For the state house members

1. per diem from $77.00 per day

and $1200.00 a month for housing rental on an individual basis why cant they do the smart thing and and have a fellow member of the legislator help rent a 2 bedroom apt between them they would be able to rent a 2 bedroom for under 850.00 a month not including utilities

When will the Democrats stop holding up the Minnesota taxpayers like it is their very own atm machine they see the surplaus as away to line their pockets


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