Why do Pelosi and Kennedy Hate America

January 13, 2007

pelosi sold her soul to the democratic party to become speaker of the house on the basis that the old dinosaurs of the democratic party will be able to try and cut the military budget once again in favor of increasing the peoples dependence on the govt. it looked as if people were once again learning to be self-dependant, letting the govt. just do what it was intended to do.

We now have people who hate America because for it stands for, freedom from governmental intrusion into the family life the way it had been going under the democrats attempts when they held power for over 50 years.

Here is a list of government programs that have basically hindered the American dream

AFDC, social security, medicare, free drug benefit

The latest is now the speaker of the house is selecting which firms will be able to survive in the new business model under the democrats control they see congress as a tool to redefine how business operate in the U.S. now it is who ever donates the most to the DNC will have a bill crafted to suit their needs under speaker pelosi direction, which is totally opposite of what she was proclaiming before she took her oath and became speaker of the house.

Del Monte whos headquaters resides in her district now enjoys a perk that other companies will have to follow and that is the new wage law when it gets passed but workers in northern Samoa will not get to have any of the benefit they are still be paid 3.15 an hour to work in the tuna canneries(where is the Unions outrage?) why are the Unions all suporting pelosi on this move what is the benefit that the Unions will be getting from pelosi, and the DNC.

Why is pelosi hiding the amount that the Del Monte corp. has donated to her re-election campaign, is pelosi learning at the feet of the only U.S. Senator to commit murder while in off ice and never stand for the trial only because his last name is kennedy.


One comment

  1. “We now have people who hate America because for it stands for, freedom from governmental intrusion into the family life…”

    I have to admit that the Republicans have been way less instrusive. I mean… other than telling us whether or not to continue a pregnancy, listening in on our phone calls, who can marry whom, whether we can have access to an attorney, and whether we should be allowed to die.


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