Democrats and Pelosi AKA NAZI PARTY

January 19, 2007

nazi leaderUnder the current ethics bill that is going thru congress at break neck speed our rights to free speech is being torn from our protected right to criticize the congress and even the president. With Nancy Pelosi (NAZI Leader) in charge she(pelosi) is leading the attack on our fundamental right of free speech, no longer will we be able to criticize the elected incumbents during an election cycle this will give the democrats what they have always wanted job security without having to find a job outside of the Government.

Because I have over 500 readers in any given month I will have to register as a lobbyist even though, I support no candidate at all. I will continue to harp on their attempts to take away my right of free speech. The left was always saying that the Republicans were taking away our rights but now with the democrats doing it in the light of day the left leaning media is being nothing more than a pet dog and a cheerleader for the NAZI democratic party.

Why should the Reborn NAZI (democratic) party have the right to be above criticism when all they did was harp on how the republicans and President Bush was ruining the country and no we have is a political party literally attempting to take away our right of free speech to put themselves above criticism by any voter that may disagree with their political agenda.

The reborn Nazi Party (democratic party) will now focus not on only limiting our civil rights to protect themselves but focus on an agenda that will undermine our military and our defense against attacks and attack and try and control the economy by doing it thru the following

Making global warming a religion: aka making Al Gore the leader of the movement

Attacking private companies in different sectors: big oil, fast food industry, car maker, taking over and trying to nationalize health care

Cutting the American troops at the knees by cutting support for them

Trying to have sit down talks with the same terrorists that wish to kill us without Presidential approval

Limiting our civil rights: taking away free speech, taking away the right to protest and even vote, taking away the right to bear arms

Sitting down and agreeing to letting our enemies inspect   our country to make sure that we are doing what they had agreed upon to end their attacks, basically selling the country out.



  1. Will this make my Harry Reid stocks on trendio rise? http://www.trendio.com/word.php?language=en&wordid=107

  2. Hey Chief,

    We’re starting a new illegal immigration blogburst, you can see the first one and find sign up info here…



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