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March 31, 2007

The DFL in Minnesota are paying back the teachers for the contributions that they have made to the DFL party for the last election year by giving the teachers union in Minnesota what they desire most, more funding so that they can add it to the payroll of the teachers, an school districts statewide, and continue to fail in teaching the children here in Minnesota.

To be a teacher in Minnesota with tenure is quite the racket where else can you get paid for sub-par performance and failing to teach the students of anything of value for their education and the Teachers union is the MOST RACIST that I have come across in all my years why else would they defend a system that is not teaching anymore why are they rabid against the voucher program even with Huge student declines state wide.

The voucher system that would be used are by minority parents because they know from first hand experience of what the current public education system really is.

They continue to be funded at the level of when the number of students were at there highest during the 1980’s, the Minneapolis and Saint Paul school districts no longer have the need for huge and outdated school buildings like they have now.

It is time for Minnesotans to elect a new Body of state representatives and state senators to put the students back where they belong and that is back in neighborhood schools why cant schools house grades K thru 12 like they did before the 1960’s.

If you want your children that are curently in the public education system here in Minnesota to live with you after they graduate. Then continue to support the current representatives and the Corrupt Teachers Union and your child will have an education of little or no value after the graduate.

I challenge the Minnesota Public Teachers Union to prove me wrong and fire all the incompetent tenured teachers that are now and currently teaching. The diploma students receive today are about as worthless as wiping their ass with it like a roll of toilet paper.



March 24, 2007

Over Taxation by the Minnesota Legislature is in the process of creating a new class of poor, and at the same time creating the governmental class Elite by over taxation on the residents of Minnesota.

You have many different types of people living and working here in Minnesota but by the complete and utter stupidity they feel it is their right to use taxation to collect monies for them to spend with no oversight, and at the same time tax the middle class into the poor house with total disregard to budget constraints.

They wish to tax the citizens on anything and everything while the legislature becomes the Governmental Elite whom they feel are far superior to the average Minnesotan, just how much of a tax burden do they have if any at the rate of spending they want.

It is time to put the cost of Education and reign in spending by placing the total cost back on the school districts and letting the parents decide the curriculum in each respective school district and get the state out of the process where they cant screw it up like they do everything else.



March 22, 2007

I subpoena the following elected Official’s for their failure to do the peoples business, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Robert C. Byrd, Richard Durbin, Edward Kennedy, Joseph Biden, Dianne Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, Herb Kohl, Charles Schumer, Benjamin Cardin, Sheldon Whitehorse, John Conyers jr., Howard Berman, Rick Boucher, Jerrold Nadler, Robert C. Scott, Melvin L Watt, Zoe Lofgren, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Martin T. Meehan, William D. Delahunt, Robert Wexler, Linda T. Sanchez, Steve Cohen, hank Johnson, Luis Gutierrez, Brad Sherman, Anthony D. Weiner, Adam B Schiff, Arthur Davis, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Keith Ellingson, Amy Klobuchar, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel

They have made every attempt to embarrass the president at every turn no matter the cost. It is time that the American People accountable for their actions they are not doing the publics work but seeing to their own ambitions and to remain elected no matter what the damage they inflict

Instead the above mentioned elected officials have made every attempt to grandstand in front of the television and print media to show that they are cleaning up corruption in Washington D.C. They will do anything and everything because of their hatred of the President, they will even disseminate lies and the biased media will help them in their cause of the Destruction of the United States.

If they do not answer to the Subpoenas on-line or in person by March 30th 2007, it will be considered they are guilty of conspiracy in their actions and in their own words that are in the media.

Yours Truly,

Just an American Taxpayer tired of their Lies


Joe Wilson outed his own wife FIRST!!

March 8, 2007

Joe Wilson outed his own wife in his entry in Who’s Who in America, during the Clinton presidency literally everyone who lived in Washington D.C. knew who Valerie Plame was even Robert Novak the news Columnist stated in an t.v. interview of where he first learned of her. Because of her marriage to Joe Wilson the CIA could no longer use Valerie Plame as a covert operative after 1998, since then she has been an analyst at a desk at the CIA. THE CURRENT COURT CASE OVER HER IDENTITY WAS NOTHING BUT A POLITICAL SHAM, joe wilson lied to the public about his knowledge this is just another democrat shaking down the Federal Govt., just like Pelosi is doing in congress.

ms plame is now attempting to go the civil case route(extortion) where now they wont have the luxury of hiding the truth about their own actions and what she has been doing at the CIA since 1998 where she has not been an undercover operative because of her marriage to the Flamboyant joe wilson.


Walter Reed Hospital and the people who made it that way!

March 5, 2007

Today congress will hold and convene today at the the Famous Walter Reed Hospital the crown Jewel Hospital of the Army. Today these congressional elected persons will now lay blame as to why the conditions of the Hospital but they will not hold a mirror up to themselves for if they did they would see who truly is to blame.

It is the Democratic House of representatives who have been trying to undercut the military for ages they decided to go the back door way and hinder any attempts by military vets seeking medical attention, by requiring these same vets of current and past wars to fill out more paperwork than a private insurer would require and to cut any funding for remodeling or rebuilding any medical facilities.

It started in the 1970’s and now it has caught up with the V.A. Hospital systems the Democrats would rather spend money on needless program such as public education which is not the Governments Domain rather than to support the military as a whole.

Please contact every elected House Democrat and lay the blame on them, contact them by email or written letters or by calling them. The Democrats deserve to have the blame placed on their shoulders squarely.


New Head Coach at the U of MN

March 4, 2007

Tim Brewster, the new head coach of the football program at the University of Minnesota, has done what few other people or organizations in the United States have done, and he did it with complete and utter integrity–contrary to what has had both liberals and conservatives been foaming at the mouth since the 1970’s. Liberals have claimed that Affirmative Action programs are not strong enough; that employers can and do wriggle out of hiring minorities all the time. Conservatives have claimed that Affirmative Action results in less qualified minority applicants being hired to soothe egos, which is ultimately insulting and counter-productive.

Tim Brewster put out the word–and it was posted with employment agencies–that he was hiring for his coaching staff at the University, and that he planned to hire for every coaching position the BEST qualified person for his staff. Not once was he concerned about race, gender, or religious belief.

It apparently took the Star Tribune newspaper rag to point out to Mr. Brewster how diverse his new staff turned out to be. Liberal though the ST rag may be reputed to be, they implied that Mr. Brewster had favored minorities in hiring, sacrificing true qualifications for diversity. Why did they think the diversity of his staff was news? Did they think it unlikely that the best-qualified candidates would be minorities? Or were they merely pointing out that sports coaching staff is overwhelmingly white–which isn’t really true anymore at levels lower than head coach.

I liked how Mr. Brewster responded: that HE HAD HIRED THE BEST-qualified person for each position.

Tim Brewster has the courage to do the right thing do when it comes to hiring personnel. He looked at the the qualifications of the person applying rather than anything else, which is, to say the least, quite surprising when it comes to the University of Minnesota. I look forward to following the football program’s ups and downs to gauge the effectiveness of Mr. Brewster’s personal conviction that the best-qualified person should fill every position–not a token in a quota program. I, for one, think it will be a great success.