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March 31, 2007

The DFL in Minnesota are paying back the teachers for the contributions that they have made to the DFL party for the last election year by giving the teachers union in Minnesota what they desire most, more funding so that they can add it to the payroll of the teachers, an school districts statewide, and continue to fail in teaching the children here in Minnesota.

To be a teacher in Minnesota with tenure is quite the racket where else can you get paid for sub-par performance and failing to teach the students of anything of value for their education and the Teachers union is the MOST RACIST that I have come across in all my years why else would they defend a system that is not teaching anymore why are they rabid against the voucher program even with Huge student declines state wide.

The voucher system that would be used are by minority parents because they know from first hand experience of what the current public education system really is.

They continue to be funded at the level of when the number of students were at there highest during the 1980’s, the Minneapolis and Saint Paul school districts no longer have the need for huge and outdated school buildings like they have now.

It is time for Minnesotans to elect a new Body of state representatives and state senators to put the students back where they belong and that is back in neighborhood schools why cant schools house grades K thru 12 like they did before the 1960’s.

If you want your children that are curently in the public education system here in Minnesota to live with you after they graduate. Then continue to support the current representatives and the Corrupt Teachers Union and your child will have an education of little or no value after the graduate.

I challenge the Minnesota Public Teachers Union to prove me wrong and fire all the incompetent tenured teachers that are now and currently teaching. The diploma students receive today are about as worthless as wiping their ass with it like a roll of toilet paper.



March 24, 2007

Over Taxation by the Minnesota Legislature is in the process of creating a new class of poor, and at the same time creating the governmental class Elite by over taxation on the residents of Minnesota.

You have many different types of people living and working here in Minnesota but by the complete and utter stupidity they feel it is their right to use taxation to collect monies for them to spend with no oversight, and at the same time tax the middle class into the poor house with total disregard to budget constraints.

They wish to tax the citizens on anything and everything while the legislature becomes the Governmental Elite whom they feel are far superior to the average Minnesotan, just how much of a tax burden do they have if any at the rate of spending they want.

It is time to put the cost of Education and reign in spending by placing the total cost back on the school districts and letting the parents decide the curriculum in each respective school district and get the state out of the process where they cant screw it up like they do everything else.