New Head Coach at the U of MN

March 4, 2007

Tim Brewster, the new head coach of the football program at the University of Minnesota, has done what few other people or organizations in the United States have done, and he did it with complete and utter integrity–contrary to what has had both liberals and conservatives been foaming at the mouth since the 1970’s. Liberals have claimed that Affirmative Action programs are not strong enough; that employers can and do wriggle out of hiring minorities all the time. Conservatives have claimed that Affirmative Action results in less qualified minority applicants being hired to soothe egos, which is ultimately insulting and counter-productive.

Tim Brewster put out the word–and it was posted with employment agencies–that he was hiring for his coaching staff at the University, and that he planned to hire for every coaching position the BEST qualified person for his staff. Not once was he concerned about race, gender, or religious belief.

It apparently took the Star Tribune newspaper rag to point out to Mr. Brewster how diverse his new staff turned out to be. Liberal though the ST rag may be reputed to be, they implied that Mr. Brewster had favored minorities in hiring, sacrificing true qualifications for diversity. Why did they think the diversity of his staff was news? Did they think it unlikely that the best-qualified candidates would be minorities? Or were they merely pointing out that sports coaching staff is overwhelmingly white–which isn’t really true anymore at levels lower than head coach.

I liked how Mr. Brewster responded: that HE HAD HIRED THE BEST-qualified person for each position.

Tim Brewster has the courage to do the right thing do when it comes to hiring personnel. He looked at the the qualifications of the person applying rather than anything else, which is, to say the least, quite surprising when it comes to the University of Minnesota. I look forward to following the football program’s ups and downs to gauge the effectiveness of Mr. Brewster’s personal conviction that the best-qualified person should fill every position–not a token in a quota program. I, for one, think it will be a great success.


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