Walter Reed Hospital and the people who made it that way!

March 5, 2007

Today congress will hold and convene today at the the Famous Walter Reed Hospital the crown Jewel Hospital of the Army. Today these congressional elected persons will now lay blame as to why the conditions of the Hospital but they will not hold a mirror up to themselves for if they did they would see who truly is to blame.

It is the Democratic House of representatives who have been trying to undercut the military for ages they decided to go the back door way and hinder any attempts by military vets seeking medical attention, by requiring these same vets of current and past wars to fill out more paperwork than a private insurer would require and to cut any funding for remodeling or rebuilding any medical facilities.

It started in the 1970’s and now it has caught up with the V.A. Hospital systems the Democrats would rather spend money on needless program such as public education which is not the Governments Domain rather than to support the military as a whole.

Please contact every elected House Democrat and lay the blame on them, contact them by email or written letters or by calling them. The Democrats deserve to have the blame placed on their shoulders squarely.


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