Joe Wilson outed his own wife FIRST!!

March 8, 2007

Joe Wilson outed his own wife in his entry in Who’s Who in America, during the Clinton presidency literally everyone who lived in Washington D.C. knew who Valerie Plame was even Robert Novak the news Columnist stated in an t.v. interview of where he first learned of her. Because of her marriage to Joe Wilson the CIA could no longer use Valerie Plame as a covert operative after 1998, since then she has been an analyst at a desk at the CIA. THE CURRENT COURT CASE OVER HER IDENTITY WAS NOTHING BUT A POLITICAL SHAM, joe wilson lied to the public about his knowledge this is just another democrat shaking down the Federal Govt., just like Pelosi is doing in congress.

ms plame is now attempting to go the civil case route(extortion) where now they wont have the luxury of hiding the truth about their own actions and what she has been doing at the CIA since 1998 where she has not been an undercover operative because of her marriage to the Flamboyant joe wilson.


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