March 24, 2007

Over Taxation by the Minnesota Legislature is in the process of creating a new class of poor, and at the same time creating the governmental class Elite by over taxation on the residents of Minnesota.

You have many different types of people living and working here in Minnesota but by the complete and utter stupidity they feel it is their right to use taxation to collect monies for them to spend with no oversight, and at the same time tax the middle class into the poor house with total disregard to budget constraints.

They wish to tax the citizens on anything and everything while the legislature becomes the Governmental Elite whom they feel are far superior to the average Minnesotan, just how much of a tax burden do they have if any at the rate of spending they want.

It is time to put the cost of Education and reign in spending by placing the total cost back on the school districts and letting the parents decide the curriculum in each respective school district and get the state out of the process where they cant screw it up like they do everything else.


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