August 8, 2007

In Minnesota, courtesy of the democrats control of the legislature up in Minnesota have spent the monies that by law have been dedicated to the maintenance of the roads and bridges but have spent it on things that do not improve the lives of all Minnesotans but just a select few individuals. The Democrats in Minnesota have misspent millions of taxpayers dollars on things not needed, so the justice dept. should look at how the democrats in Minnesota have spent the tax payers monies. but the Minnesota attorney general will not investigate them because she is in their back pocket. look at the lack of funding for the roads in Minnesota, and how they have tried to social re-engineer people who live in Minnesota. by having them take mass transit when it doesn’t work in Minnesota. The democrats spent 1 billion on a light rail system that is a complete failure, its only used for sporting events and barely used by people going to work in mpls, out to the mall of America.

the democrats in Minnesota have never had the safety for the citizens up there unless it was to line their pockets.


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