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October 17, 2007

I just tried calling and complaining to the SEIU in regards to their radio ads in several states about the Schip bill that the President Vetoed earlier because it was a budget buster, it was introducing universal health care, and it is a big waste of taxpayers monies. They are targeting Michelle Bachman because of her vote against the Schip bill

I tried calling and complaining to the national headquarters based in Washington D.C. the 800 number is 800-424-8592, the will hang up on you if you call to complain about any of their ads they wont take criticism about any of their ads that they have currently on the air in several states. It is time that somebody asks them to prove their allegations instead of playing very fast and loose with the facts to suit their political beliefs.

Here is their website they are more concerned about the rights of the Illegal Immigrants that are in this country illegally than they are about legal residents and American citizens they proclaim to represent which is a total fabrication and sham, the union it self produces no earned revenue but is a Leech on the backs of all American citizens to by taking it out of their paychecks by way of a legal armed robbery. The Executive Board of the SEIU have triple and sometimes quadruple the pay of the union workers under the guise that they earn the paycheck from the union workers.

When you call the 800 number most of the voice greeting is in Spanish, it is like an afterthought oh we have English speaking workers as well. I called stating that I am a Native American Citizen and was appalled at the radio ads they have on the air currently. They hung up on me not even giving me a chance to complain about the lies they are spreading.

Remember the SEIU is nothing more than a leech on the American Taxpayers back. They LIE about everything, I saw it first hand with the unions attempts to bring in unions for school bus drivers. They wouldn’t answer questions as to why the local board was getting the overcompensation pay for what little if any work they do. The local board is comprised alot of the executive officers family, that is what I found out several years ago it may still be the same or may have changed.



October 15, 2007

There was a time that Minnesota used to be a fantastic place to live and work, but slowly over the past 50 years the residents of the Nazi State of Minnesota, have seen the erosion of personal and property rights taken away thru the guise of healthier living and alleged dangers.

The latest is taking away the rights of individuals to smoke a cigarette in public and soon to be in private, and the property rights of business owners by enforcing some notion that people cant think for themselves when it comes to patronizing any establishment or businesses that allowed smoking.

The state has also allowed cities to decide what is more important between basic protection or some idea that government sanctioned social programs are better than Police,Fire, Sanitation, and public utilities, the quality of life and property rights that have been created by the current regime in the Nazi State of Minnesota  are in a nose dive due to choices made by the elitist elected to office who oppose personal and property rights by individuals.  They wish to create a class of people to be solely relying on the govt. to think for them, and make all the choices so that they wont ever have to for themselves.

Minnesotans no longer are allowed to think for themselves because it might be against the law.  I left the state and have never looked back, because I think and decide for myself and not worrying if the Nazi Thought Police aren’t around making sure that I don’t step out of the box.

The current radio and television ads that are proclaiming fresh air are based and false testimony and lies and it was admitted that the persons lied about which establishments they couldn’t attend because of the smoke presence endangered their lives.  Why would a political party even consider holding their convention in a state that doesn’t advocate personal responsibility.

The current slate of elected democrats see the people who are nothing more than cattle to tax them while they work to take away more of individuals paychecks, because individuals are smart enough to spend their money on their own.  Soon I will no longer have any attachment of any kind to the NAZI STATE OF MINNESOTA.  I will no longer have to support the liberals and the nazi democrats that live within the state borders.  Minnesota shouldn’t be thought of as the education state but as MINNESOTA MURDER INC. since the 1990’s there has been a upswing in murders in the twin cities and in outstate Minnesota because the state doesn’t allow safety for its citizens who live there.


Wesley Clark LIES Again

October 3, 2007

Mr. Clark is how he should be addressed since he has brought dishonor upon the uniform that he once proudly wore when he was in the military, now his main intent is to earn blood money based on lies and his version of history.  Mr. Clark had the chance to set the record straight today on an early morning show and admit that there are men who are passing themselves as vets of the Iraq war when in fact they have never even set foot outside of American soil, it is intent of these phony soldiers to promote hatred and lies about the military and the real reason as to why the United States is over in Iraq.

Today Mr. Clark had to parse his words very carefully so that he could not be taken out of context so that his lies will not be subjected to the light of day.  Mr. Clark should be ashamed of his actions and admit the truth that he supports these phony soldiers that the Democratic party is putting out their to spread lies in general, Mr. Clark would rather see another 500,000 people die at the hands of tyranny, as what happened when the United States left Vietnam.   Mr Clark do the Country a favor and fade away, and don’t bother our ears with your lies that you spew like a volcano.

Mr. Clark is the greater evil along with Mrs Clinton, and any other person who promotes defeat in the war on terrorism



October 2, 2007

The following senators are using the senate floor to spread lies as part of their game plan, destroy anybody who oppose their values. They were elected by their respective states but hide behind the use of the senate floor to protect their free speech, they will not step off the senate floor to debate the Obscene values, to them they would rather risk the lives of the American soldiers but not properly funding them so that they can do their jobs defending our freedom at home. The senators offer bills and restrict the proper armor the soldiers could use in defending our freedoms they would rather use it to spread false lies and hatred within the United States. Senators Reid and Harkin will not debate because they are afraid that the truth will come out that they have no love for the American Soldiers but would rather have them seen in defeat, than for the troops to succeed in their mission.

Please Senators bring respectability back to the Unite Senate Chambers wher you have brought upon disgrace by your latest actions, have you no shame but other than to use whatever means it will take to achieve your goals. The truth was spoken about the left using phony soldiers to bring upon disgrace on the military in form and fashion. Both Senators are using the drive by media, to spread the lies to destroy a private citizens life and his livelihood.

The Clintons spin machine is in full swing in conjunction to spread the lies as well. I now read the drive by medias account with great skepticism, and barely watch any type of news show they try and say is the news, because they no longer check their facts or the facts of the story they are reporting on if it is from the left then it must be true