Wesley Clark LIES Again

October 3, 2007

Mr. Clark is how he should be addressed since he has brought dishonor upon the uniform that he once proudly wore when he was in the military, now his main intent is to earn blood money based on lies and his version of history.  Mr. Clark had the chance to set the record straight today on an early morning show and admit that there are men who are passing themselves as vets of the Iraq war when in fact they have never even set foot outside of American soil, it is intent of these phony soldiers to promote hatred and lies about the military and the real reason as to why the United States is over in Iraq.

Today Mr. Clark had to parse his words very carefully so that he could not be taken out of context so that his lies will not be subjected to the light of day.  Mr. Clark should be ashamed of his actions and admit the truth that he supports these phony soldiers that the Democratic party is putting out their to spread lies in general, Mr. Clark would rather see another 500,000 people die at the hands of tyranny, as what happened when the United States left Vietnam.   Mr Clark do the Country a favor and fade away, and don’t bother our ears with your lies that you spew like a volcano.

Mr. Clark is the greater evil along with Mrs Clinton, and any other person who promotes defeat in the war on terrorism


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