October 15, 2007

There was a time that Minnesota used to be a fantastic place to live and work, but slowly over the past 50 years the residents of the Nazi State of Minnesota, have seen the erosion of personal and property rights taken away thru the guise of healthier living and alleged dangers.

The latest is taking away the rights of individuals to smoke a cigarette in public and soon to be in private, and the property rights of business owners by enforcing some notion that people cant think for themselves when it comes to patronizing any establishment or businesses that allowed smoking.

The state has also allowed cities to decide what is more important between basic protection or some idea that government sanctioned social programs are better than Police,Fire, Sanitation, and public utilities, the quality of life and property rights that have been created by the current regime in the Nazi State of Minnesota  are in a nose dive due to choices made by the elitist elected to office who oppose personal and property rights by individuals.  They wish to create a class of people to be solely relying on the govt. to think for them, and make all the choices so that they wont ever have to for themselves.

Minnesotans no longer are allowed to think for themselves because it might be against the law.  I left the state and have never looked back, because I think and decide for myself and not worrying if the Nazi Thought Police aren’t around making sure that I don’t step out of the box.

The current radio and television ads that are proclaiming fresh air are based and false testimony and lies and it was admitted that the persons lied about which establishments they couldn’t attend because of the smoke presence endangered their lives.  Why would a political party even consider holding their convention in a state that doesn’t advocate personal responsibility.

The current slate of elected democrats see the people who are nothing more than cattle to tax them while they work to take away more of individuals paychecks, because individuals are smart enough to spend their money on their own.  Soon I will no longer have any attachment of any kind to the NAZI STATE OF MINNESOTA.  I will no longer have to support the liberals and the nazi democrats that live within the state borders.  Minnesota shouldn’t be thought of as the education state but as MINNESOTA MURDER INC. since the 1990’s there has been a upswing in murders in the twin cities and in outstate Minnesota because the state doesn’t allow safety for its citizens who live there.



  1. Fresh air, my butt! Minnesota could care less what the air quality is and water for that matter. MN wants to lull the sheep into believing this is a safe clean place to live, that way, they don’t look around and see what is going on. This summer, three very old buildings were taken down two blocks away from where I live. It was a dry summer. One of the buildings was an old hotel built in the 30’s. Another building was an old grocery store that was built in the 60’s. my husband was friends with the former owner of the buildings. He helped the owners put rat poison down after the apartments were closed off due to the leaking roof. Every year, they put more rat poison in there. To make a long story short, the county agreed to do demolish the buildings for the new owners of the property. The county did not bother to follow any of the laws for demolishing buildings that have lead paint, asbestos, and other dangerous chemicals (I’m talking about the pounds of rat poison). When the buildings came down, all of that rat poison, lead paint, and asbestos was thrown in the air and blown all over town. My husband got so sick, he thought he was going to die. He had to take strong antibodies and was put on an inhaler for a severe sinus infection. The other people I had talked to all had the same symptoms as him. We wrote letters, sent emails, and called the health department, the EPA, HAZMAT, and even OSHA. Not a thing was done about it. All they had to do was hose the site down with water to keep the dust out of the air. The MN government doesn’t care if lead paint, asbestos, black mold, and rat poison is kicked up into the air but god-forbid the smokers fouling the air around them. Another little known fact in Minnesota is that houses and buildings built before a certain year don’t have to change where their sewage goes unless they rip into the floor. That means there are houses and buildings that still currently drain sewage directly into the lakes, along with the hog poop and fertilizers.

  2. For those who say “why don’t you move?” I would LOVE to move, however, this town keeps me so poor, I can’t even afford to drive across town much less move somewhere. Since the town discourages new factories to come in by charging them full price for utilities and high taxes because they want to turn it into a retirement community (of course, they didn’t take into consideration that there is nothing here to attract retirees here unless they have a fetish for corn fields and the smell of pig poop), the only jobs available in my area are part-time minimum wage no benifits. I have three part-time jobs, my husband works two part-time jobs and we still have to choose between eating or putting gas in the car. We have no kids, it is just us two.

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