October 17, 2007

I just tried calling and complaining to the SEIU in regards to their radio ads in several states about the Schip bill that the President Vetoed earlier because it was a budget buster, it was introducing universal health care, and it is a big waste of taxpayers monies. They are targeting Michelle Bachman because of her vote against the Schip bill

I tried calling and complaining to the national headquarters based in Washington D.C. the 800 number is 800-424-8592, the will hang up on you if you call to complain about any of their ads they wont take criticism about any of their ads that they have currently on the air in several states. It is time that somebody asks them to prove their allegations instead of playing very fast and loose with the facts to suit their political beliefs.

Here is their website they are more concerned about the rights of the Illegal Immigrants that are in this country illegally than they are about legal residents and American citizens they proclaim to represent which is a total fabrication and sham, the union it self produces no earned revenue but is a Leech on the backs of all American citizens to by taking it out of their paychecks by way of a legal armed robbery. The Executive Board of the SEIU have triple and sometimes quadruple the pay of the union workers under the guise that they earn the paycheck from the union workers.

When you call the 800 number most of the voice greeting is in Spanish, it is like an afterthought oh we have English speaking workers as well. I called stating that I am a Native American Citizen and was appalled at the radio ads they have on the air currently. They hung up on me not even giving me a chance to complain about the lies they are spreading.

Remember the SEIU is nothing more than a leech on the American Taxpayers back. They LIE about everything, I saw it first hand with the unions attempts to bring in unions for school bus drivers. They wouldn’t answer questions as to why the local board was getting the overcompensation pay for what little if any work they do. The local board is comprised alot of the executive officers family, that is what I found out several years ago it may still be the same or may have changed.



  1. I just sent them a email which will be deleted. They called me about my rep. in illinois. Hopefully more people call call the unions bosses out about the facts. Check out national right to work website and the heritage foundation for info on union activity

  2. I need help fighting SEIU in its efforts to try to Unionize our Bus Co. First Student Rochester, MN.
    Any Ideas?

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