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New York Times

December 26, 2007

The New York Times is finally questioning her experience, that she is touting please read the New York Times Article in todays paper 12/26/07



December 12, 2007

If Mrs. Clinton, is running on her years as co-president with her husband then she is no longer eligible to to be elected President of the United States because under the Constitution. A person may only be elected to office twice, and since Hillary and her husband have already been elected twice in the 1990’s. If she then states that it was her husband that was elected then she will be the person with the least amount of experience to run for office.

I hear her ads on radio touting her 35 years experience of helping people, I would like to see the documents and all the papers proving the boasts in her ads, where did she do her helping and assisting in Arkansas. I desire to see all papers and documents proving her ads correct, why do the radios play the ads when they are in effect not truthful.

I have nothing against her personally, but I am in complete disagreement in that the govt. is the place that everybody should look to to take care of the people. The Constitution is a framework to Govern the people, not to be the nanny state for the people. Why people are not asking her to back up her words with proof is beyond me.

I fear that she will try and nationalize different sectors of the economy allegedly for the good of the country, all it will be is just a power grab by the democrats to take away our rights guaranteed under the constitution that chafe them to no end, We have the Greatest Nation on Earth under these rights and it rubs them wrong to no end because of the rights under the constitution, no other nation have the same rights that we have.

Please Mrs. Clinton show us the papers and documents that prove that you have the experience and qualifications to lead our country, if not go back and get the experience and stop ranting like a baby boomer. Live with in the framework of the constitution instead of trying to destroy it.

Will somebody in the media please ask her this simple question: Were you Co-President of the United States of America in the 1990’s and if so then you are no longer eligible to run for the Office or to be elected.