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Al Gore on Japan Earthquake

March 11, 2011

Al gore has come out stating that he predicted that japan has suffered the earthquake due to global climate change and the United States is at fault for Japan experiencing

the earthquake at about 2:45pm in Japan, and that America has blood on its hands for not listening to him about the U.S. needed to change its energy based economy from

oil but it is our fault that we have caused this global warming event and making the peoples of Japan suffer because of our arrogance in believing that we are a Great Nation.


Al Gore now states that anything that happens anywhere on the our planet Earth will be the direct cause that the United States HAD not listened to him years ago nor

took his film an” inconvenient  truth” seriously enough.  He further states that he the reason he has huge energy bills is his way of paying his debt to the earth and to make

the market “carbon footprint”  a more viable market for people to buy carbon credits to help them with their guilt by living in a country that causes all the troubles ills and

disasters that are NOT Natural DISASTERS but are solely caused by the Arrogance of the United States for not turning away from an oil based economy.

This is just a parody about the environmental eco nuts and their religious leaders AL Gore and Nancy Pelosi an her fellow Democratic Party.