To My Stalker

September 28, 2011

This post is to My stalker she knows who she is, last I have any knowledge of where she was living was in the twin cities, in Minnesota.  Since it ended back in December she has done every thing

under the sun to get in contact with me, I tried being nice to her a month ago, by helping her out with some cash, but I was not fast enough in responding to what she needed and then proceeded

to rip me for not helping fast enough.  So I said forget it and told her that any future emails from her would be considered to be nothing but spam.  Since then she has some how gotten a hold of

my personal information and has her latest sex partner posing as me trying to open up joint accounts in her name and in mine, but so far she has failed.  Thank heavens for that she has failed

she is now trying to ruin me financially.


I have one thing to ask her and I know she reads this because she is hoping that I will write something lurid about her and or post pictures of her, but I am unable to do that because

she has all the pictures that I had and I am glad that I am done with her and far from her and safe from her fits of rage and anger.  She is a very violent and angry female who when she

does not get her way she beats a person physically up.  Please ms tandy christina rae duda, I am asking you to leave me alone and cease and desist in trying to open up joint accounts or

putting your utility bills in my name it will not work.


You know that I am on the west side of Montana far enough away from you so that you will not bother me, but please LEAVE me alone, I have no interest in you what so ever, I tried to help you

and even willing to marry you at one time, THANK GOD that never did happen.  I have asked Wellsfargo to repo the car since the loan is tied to the car and I have proof that the car was purchased

with MY funds, I have also informed the state that you do not have car insurance and posted to the state the car, make and license plates.  again PLEASE, LEAVE ME ALONE, I have no interest in

getting back with you, all you are is a financial drain because you always lie about everything.


If I get called one more time that you are attempting to open up a joint account of any kind, I will refer your full name to the police for trying to steal my identity

I have made sure that I have no reason to ever go back to MN due to that you are dangerous and a violent person.


LEAVE my daughters alone as well, and from what I have seen on ZABA Search just the other day, you have been very busy lady, stealing and such

if I have to I will post what I have found on zabasearch


  1. Wow… I went thru the same thing. You have decribed Tandy Rae Duda exactly as she is. I was screwed over royally by her, and she stole from me.

  2. I am an attorney in Minnesota. She has done the same thing to another man and I need as much information about her as I can get. Can you please call me at 612 348 2452 or email me at pdsellersjd AT hotmail ???

  3. Good afternoon. I am an investigator working on a case involving the same female you are referring to in your blog. Please contact me at 612-251-1966 or email me at kymphusmuhammad@gmail.com. I would like to speak with you. Thank you.

  4. She is a very dangerous, sick, lying individual. She has been breaking the law, and getting away with it. I have had everything I owned stolen from her as well, as well as items that I was holding for others.

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