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A Piece Of Cloth…..

May 28, 2012

Hello there, on a day that is both a somber day and a day meant to celebrate this country and the men and women who serve this country.

I felt that since I was created 236 years ago, and the past few years there has been a disturbance in taking this country from the path of freedom for all men and women in this country.

The truth is both men and women have fought for this country since its inception, Betsy Ross was making the new country’s flag all the while having her house and business occupied by the British soldiers, she even lost her husband to the very same soldiers that were housed in her place and her shop.

I have seen this country stumble many times but get back up and dust itself off and continue on the path of freedom.  When this country was created slavery had been brought over by the British and the African ships who sold the captured people as farm help.  The first Continental Congress wanted to tackle this by straight up outlawing the practice.  The slavery issue was taken off the agenda so that the creation of this nation would occur, it was to be dealt with later.

This country has had many wrongs corrected for the right reasons, now is not the time to look back but to accept your history and keep learning from it, there has been no other nation like this one.

It is correct that we both celebrate and mourn the loss of the men and women that have served this country, I would love to see celebrations once again where I lead the procession high and proud by anyone who believes in this country’s freedom.

I am just a piece of cloth that represents all people, I do not see color, religion, or ethic background.   I do not understand why some people in this country hate me, I was and have always been used to bring people together and unite this country as one.

There have been many songs written about me, the first was by Francis Scott Key wrote the first song about me after the bombardment of Fort McHenry on the 13th and the 14th of September 1814, when Mr Key has seen that the flag was still waving in the early dawn of the of the 14th, He told the other prisoners being held below decks.

Since there there have been a lot of songs written about me during momentous times of this country, the songs have inspired the country to again unite as one.

Today, I see flags waving all over but I see a country divided by hatred of what I stand for, I will list everything that I stand for and you can decide for yourself if you agree with them or hate what I was created for.

I am just a piece of cloth, I was created is 1776, by commission of the Continental Congress I first held 13 stars the first time I was flown
then from when the same Congress in 1777 enacted the flag act.

This is the history of Me:
Between 1777 and 1960, Congress passed several acts that changed the shape, design and arrangement of the flag and allowed for additional stars and stripes to be added to reflect the admission of each new state.

  • Act of January 13, 1794 – provided for 15 stripes and 15 stars after May 1795.
  • Act of April 4, 1818 – provided for 13 stripes and one star for each state, to be added to the flag on the 4th of July following the admission of each new state, signed by President Monroe.
  • Executive Order of President Taft dated June 24, 1912 – established proportions of the flag and provided for arrangement of the stars in six horizontal rows of eight each, a single point of each star to be upward.
  • Executive Order of President Eisenhower dated January 3, 1959 – provided for the arrangement of the stars in seven rows of seven stars each, staggered horizontally and vertically.
  • Executive Order of President Eisenhower dated August 21, 1959 – provided for the arrangement of the stars in nine rows of stars staggered horizontally and eleven rows of stars staggered vertically.

Today the I, consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red alternating with 6 white. My stripes represent the original 13 colonies, My stars represent the 50 states of the Union. My colors  are symbolic as well: Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor, White symbolizes Purity and Innocence and Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.

I am flown for freedom, why do people hate why I am flown for a country that inspires freedom.  I cry each time a member of this country has been lost protecting your freedom.

When you see Me on a flag pole today take time and think of the freedoms you have because others have risked theirs for you.

I Salute the people of this country for its freedoms and for creating Me to stand proud and to lead this nation into new and uncharted waters.


Today I salute the parents who have sons and daughters in the military, you have raised them well…