Scott Walker’s Truth That The Media Wont Print

June 1, 2012

This is what is making the public unions very nervous across the nation
Scott Walker has stated time and time again he has no authority over
the private sector unions but can control what the public unions can do within the state and I applaud him 100%

This is what has the public sector unions upset about that the MSM aka the main stream media keep yelling he is disbanding the unions both private and public but he isn’t doing that at all, here is what the main thrust of the bill did regarding the public unions minus the police and fire unions.


  • Limiting state employees from being able to collectively bargain anything except wages, effectively keeping pensions and health care political giveaways off the bargaining table;(No More Cadillac Health Care)
  • Providing public employees with an annual vote on whether to keep their public employee union;(prior to this if any union member suggested this they were met at their homes by the union hired goons)
  • Requiring state employees to contribute half of the cost of their pension payments;(prior to this they were contributing from 0 to less than 1% and getting a full pension after 15 years in Wisconsin)
  • Requiring state employees to cover 12 percent of their health care premiums;(prior to this they were paying less than 5% for their health care and had no copays for anything)
  • Capping wage increases to the rate of inflation with additional raises requiring popular approval through a referendum; and
  • Prohibiting state agencies from collecting union dues.(union Members now can decide to pay their union dues after they pay their bills or not pay them at all)

These reforms do not effect the private sector unions at all but scares the hell of them just the same.

Since this law went into effect total expenditures on recalls will reach 500 million by the time June 5th rolls around in Wisconsin alone.

April 2012 the public sector union and private union member ship has dropped almost 10% thru voluntary dropping out in Wisconsin alone

The above reforms coupled with the soon to right to work bill to become law in Wisconsin as well completely scare all the unions because their lies in the media that wages will plummet are completely false.


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