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Entertainment on Craigslist

August 25, 2013

I thoroughly enjoyed your asinine rant on CL today thank you

but you are severely missing a real education since you no

doubt were public school educated.


email her

I only date feminists. – 26 (Butte)
This is more like an ad for “friends with possible benefits”, actually, not a traditional romance.

I’m 26, female, white, aromantic asexual, and a hardcore feminist. I want to meet guys who are like-minded, respect asexuality, have zero tolerance for everyday bigotry, are creative and/or artistic, and who like having a good ol’ wholesome LAUGH! 🙂

GOOD QUALITIES (message me, please!):
pro-choice – death before your born, planned parenthood was founded on racism……..
feminist/ally – the movement was hijacked from its origins, the real origins of feminism was to help men better themselves not thru intimidation, and its origins was founded on family life – marriage between a man and a woman…………
body-positive – health is an individual responsibility
fat-positive – people come in all shapes and sizes
optimistic – something a liberal never is
progressive – you must be an elitist to be a progressive
liberal – desire control over the countries population and lead them onto the economic plantation aka democrats (google: runaway slave )
atheist/agnostic – Had a friend who is a scientist and was agnostic when he realized the miracles that were around him 24/7
he became a deacon when he realized that it is not random chances that produce rain and oxygen. (99% of all scientist believe in GOD)

compassionate/empathic – sort of like the federal govt of giving out free shopping carts to the homeless and turning around and cutting medical
access for the homeless to pay for the shopping carts when the democrats had control of congress in between 2007 and 2010

BAD QUALITIES (do not message me, thanks):
homophobic – a person is unable to be homophobic, but they can legally discriminate who they wish to be around sexually (My youngest daughter is a lesbian, I have always known she is treated no differently)
misogynistic – clearly the democratic party
racist – once again the democratic party, the party labels, pigeon holes groups, and then uses them.
fundamentalist Christian – Ummmm I see that you are discriminating against a religion here
Republican – The party that freed the slaves, passed bills to give women rights, all voted for the 1967 civil right bill but it was filibustered by al gores dad in the senate
Libertarian – less govt means you have more of your personal money to spend
conservative – believes in a gender neutral society, believes in a person should be judged by their character, substance, and values…………..
pro-life/anti-choice – believes in the prevention of STD’s, every life has value
hardheaded/defensive – can argue logically and defend his or her beliefs………..

When you message me, please write something about yourself, something you feel passionately about, so I know who you are and what your personality is! I appreciate thoughtful introductions. And I just straight-up don’t do small talk, OK.

And by the way, penis measurements and promises to make me orgasm will be INSTA-REJECTED, yeah! 8D As will descriptions of your rockin’ hot body. I have zero interest in what you look like, thanks, and you are not going to turn me on.

Thank youuuuuu. ❤

I am sending you this and will be posting it to several blogs because you have brought entertainment to craiglist no nobody has ever before you
you will find this email on locke100 on wordpress, again thank you for the entertainment…….