November 7, 2014

For the first time since 2009, a federal budget will be voted on and passed in the House and and then accepted in the Senate.  They were blocked at the door by soon to be former senate majority leader harry reid, instead of continuing spending resolutions by being sent out of the Senate by the democrats which is unconstitutional to begin with.

The gimme budget of 2013 was not a budget but a compromise on behalf of the GOP, hopefully this coming year the establishment GOP will regrow the balls that the democrats had taken from them.  The House and Senate can pass budgets that the american people need not what the democratic party wants.

This election was the continuing expanding influence of the Tea Party, they made compromises to ensure a GOP victory so that the current path the democratic party was sending the country down can be stopped or detoured.  Its sad that the GOP has sellouts who are in leadership positions rather than have a spine and stand up for their true values.

If the media screams the govt is being shut down they can respond that the federal govt shuts down for every Federal Holiday, why do they not cover those shut downs as well….

The American People need a federal govt that lives within its means and not a straight across the board built in budget increase.  Right now the Federal govt can pass the 2006 Federal Budget for the next 10 years with minor tweaks overall and still have plenty to cut from that budget as well.

Congress needs to move away from baseline budgeting which builds into the Federal budget anywhere from a 5% to 10% budget increase for each federal agency, and when they claim that they cut the budget all they did was cut the budget increase.

Its time to pass a Energy Bill that focuses on the needs of the american people that put people back to work and not the lies of enviromentalists that continue to use data that was created back in the 1960’s and the 1970’s.  Pass administrative bills that force the EPA and the EEOC to do impact studies on the negative costs before passing any administrative rules.

Pass Admininstrative rules that require the EEOC to 100% impartial to business and unions, Pass Administrative rules that really are color blind and gender blind.  Get rid of gender, age, race on all applications make is so that its the best qualified person is hired.  Pass Adminstrative Rule that only allows an applicant to use their last name on an application and resume.


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