The Democrats Do It Again

November 20, 2014

Roughly 64 years ago, congress that was controlled by the democrats had control of all three branches, and passed legislation that encourarged employers to provide benefits over higher pay, to prevent inflation.

in the 1943 congress passed a bill and it was signed into law making employer proved benefits tax free, this was done to allegedly prevent inflation because employers were starting to pay higher wages.  The democrats in control of congress saw that with higher wages people would become more mobile as a society.  Contrary to popular democrat belief it was not the new deal that spurred the growth of the 1950’s but the pent up demand for new things that needed to be replaced.  The new deal extended the depression by taking capital out of the private sector, just as obamacare is taking capital out of the private sector today.

For the 60 plus years that congress was controlled by the democrats bills were passed into law to encourage the dependency of people to rely on the federal govt to provide for them.  From the late 1960’s thru to 1993, the democratic party had successfully brought back the plantation from the south.  Without a segment of society relying on the democrats to provide for them there is no reason for them to be around.

The democrats brought back the plantation but now its called the Economic Plantation with low information voters that keep electing them because they do not know better.

Now with the affodable patient care act being passed and signed into law in 2008 illegally based on how it was passed and written.  The democrats are now trying to undo all their work in creating employer provided health care benefits with the unions backing the creation of employer health insurance.

I find it ironic that a democrats are now trying to do away with employer provided health insurance in 2015, since they enforced employer health insurance to begin with as a means to prevent inflation that never would have happened.

Their actions once again prove that socialism fails.

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