January 8, 2015

I find it fascinating that relgion plays an important part if the majority of peoples lives, some take a slacker approach to their religion and then you have the extremists approach.

The Jewish faith was founded on trust in a higher power, and to follow the commandments privately not

publicly to call attention to yourself, to defend your faith when challlenged and help defend your fellow

believers when attacked.  You are encouraged to read the torah and for the most part the religious

interpetation has been consistently the same

The Catholic faith was the belief that Gods son was crucified to forgive the sins of our ancestors and a

renewal of the commandments and Gods word on saving those who believe in him. The religious

interpretations have been the same as well, but there were the centuries that the royal houses of europe

were using the catholic faith as a vehicle to expand their kingdoms and using the catholic faith as a weapon

to force conversion or face death.  The Catholic faith has always been about non-violence but there have

been extremists who have twisted the faith into something it never was meant to be, as the royal houses of

europe had used it as a means to control the people until the church decided it was time to go back to its

origins of non-violence. Over the centuries the royal houses had selected who was pope by selecting who

became cardinals they intern owed their allegiance to the royalty not to the church.

Then we come to islam who was founded not by a prophet but a 40yo drunken male of arabic descent who

was envious of what others had.  muhammad had married a much older female who had riches where as he

had none.  islam is based on violence and the destruction of other relgions and the eradication of the jewish

people.  no where is it written that islam is non-violent, its all about convert or die by the sword.  they

consider pictures, drawings or cartoons of muhammad to be blaspheme of their relgion, get over it, your

following the writings of drunken man who envied what others had.  To put him on par with God is

blaspheme in itself, you are following the the writings of a 40 yo male who was a drunk, a pedophile, a rapist

and one who covets what others have.

I put islam on par with kwanzza a made up religion to deal with personal short comings of a failed man if he

could be called that.


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