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Memorial Day

May 30, 2016

Memorial Day what does it mean to you, to me it means making a decision to put your private life on hold while you willingly enlist to be part of the military to defend this nation and not being forced into that decision.

There is another part of Memorial Day that the living celebrate in honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation. We also honors those that are currently serving in our nations military world wide.

“I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

The above oath takes the following takes courage, determination, faith, will and perseverance to keep.  We are not a perfect nation, we are still trying to find our way in this world at one time we had leaders who believed in constitution and the founding of this nation.  We currently have a leader who has no respect for the nation, the constitution or the military but only sees them as a hindrance to his goals.

Out of 320 million U.S. Citizens there are just over 1.4 million citizens enlisted into all 4 branches of the military less than 5% of American citizens are currently active military personnel. I have searched long and hard to find the exact number of Americans that have died while serving active duty and die after retiring from the military, the closest number that I can come to is roughly 58 million soldiers have died since the founding of America as a nation,  while active duty and or have passed away after retiring from the military.

There are many things are said to makeup what a soldier is, me personally I feel it’s the following but it can be any combinations but this is what I see:

integrity, pride, personal convictions, honor, will, sense of duty, faith these are just some that are what goes into the making of a soldier.

Today is the day to honor those who have made the greatest sacrifice while active duty and those who passed away after serving this nation with honor.  Memorial Day is about freedom and what we do with it after being given the gift of freedom by those who willingly gave their lives to protect this nation.  We should remember our past and all the soldiers who have served and are currently serving by deciding what we do now for the future of America.



Renewable Energy

May 30, 2016

i keep hearing the drum beat of renewable energy and that we must all switch over to save the planet.  I’ve looked into it and discovered it’s more of a scam brought on by a science fiction fantasy film by al gore and all his claims have been refuted since the film was released in 2006.

First off carbon dioxide is not a harmful or poisonous gas but a colorless gas that is very beneficial to humans because we give off carbon dioxide and the plants take it in and return it to us as oxygen.  Here is a link, these are predictions made in 1970 and as you can see they were wrong then and they are wrong today. Here is climate change, link to prove al gores assertions are wrong once again.

Wind generated electricity costs the American tax payers in the range of 11 billion dollars in today’s costs, that is what the companies get in straight up federal tax dollars upfront just for having built the wind generating farms they collect 42% of all energy subsides but only generate 2% of the electricity Americans use.

Coal receives 10% of the energy subsidies but generates 45% of the energy we use, wind solar farms must have a backup power plant either gas or coal to provide energy on the days that the wind does not provide for energy generation.

Here is a little known fact about light bulbs:

incandescent light bulbs and CFL bulbs the actual cost difference is a 1/16th of a penny over a month and majority of consumers do not know that in order to effectively get the most out of CFL bulbs is once you turn them on you must leave them on for another 15 minutes before you turn the light off.

The CFL bulbs last about 6 months because consumers do not read the fine print on how to use them or the steps you must take if one breaks and in bold letters the first step states no vacuum cleaner at all, because it will spread the mercury in the CFL bulb thru out the persons house.

the best type of bulb to get is the L.E.D. Bulb because over the course of a year each bulb average cost ranges from .046 cents to 1.56 depending on the wattage you select. People who think they are saving the planet do not realize they are paying for the electricity 3 times before they actually you the renewable generated electricity. The companies the build the wind farms get paid a direct federal subsidy for building them, then they get another federal subsidy for generating the wind electricity for transmission to people’s homes and then the consumer pays again by paying the electric bill each month.  People who pay for wind generated power they actually are paying 3 to 4 times more than someone who has electricity generated from natural gas or coal.





May 1, 2016

I am not surprised that the media is all agog in regards to the illegals rioting in Costa Mesa all because Donald Trump went to speak and exercise his right to freedom of speech.  Because the illegals disagree with his speeches they have the right to riot and destroy public and private property in Costa Mesa.

Freedom of speech is for everyone as long as you are a progressive, liberal, democrat, socialist, and or illegals.  If you are a conservative in anyway form or fashion your right of free speech or the right to gather or assemble for meetings and or conventions of any kind that is never to be tolerated.  Proof is in the media and they are glorifying the rioting and blaming trump for his speeches, for the cause of the riots.

If a republican or conservative disagrees with a democrat, liberal and or progressive they are considered to racist, homophobic, religion hating, and gender hating.  If a conservative disagrees with Obama regarding his politics that person is considered 100% racist.

I do not feel that a person breaking our nations laws by entering this nation illegally should not be rewarded and we need to get rid of the notion that if you are an illegal and your baby is born an American citizen, that was already decided by the Supreme Court that citizenship is passed onto your children only if one or both parents are already citizens of the United States.

The illegals should be arrested for making threats against legal citizens and legal immigrants who wish to have legal political rallies that the illegals disagree with so they have threatened to use violent demonstrations and rioting to disrupt all and any rallies for Donald Trump.  What’s fascinating is you do not see republican or conservative to even libertarians using violence at any Hillary or Bernie political rallies.

Hillary and Bernie are both accomplices to those who are using violence and riots because they disagree with what Trump is saying in his political speeches.  So if you disagree with Trump it is okay to destroy both public and private property because you do not hear or see either Hillary or Bernie asking their followers to stop the rioting it’s more of a wink and nod to those who riot.

Just because Trump is making speeches that people disagree with that does not give them the right to riot in the first place.  Demonstrate peacefully to get your point across, is more effective than rioting, Dr. Martin Luther King had the right approach. Demonstrate peacefully and let the other side commit the violence, during the civil rights marches you had the democrats fighting back with the police and national guard against peaceful demonstrators.  Dr. Martin Luther King had all peace marchers sign pledge cards not to respond with violence no matter what happens.

It’s time for those that are here illegally to go home demonstrate against their own governments, instead of demanding the right to vote and live in a country where they are living illegally.