Renewable Energy

May 30, 2016

i keep hearing the drum beat of renewable energy and that we must all switch over to save the planet.  I’ve looked into it and discovered it’s more of a scam brought on by a science fiction fantasy film by al gore and all his claims have been refuted since the film was released in 2006.

First off carbon dioxide is not a harmful or poisonous gas but a colorless gas that is very beneficial to humans because we give off carbon dioxide and the plants take it in and return it to us as oxygen.  Here is a link, these are predictions made in 1970 and as you can see they were wrong then and they are wrong today. Here is climate change, link to prove al gores assertions are wrong once again.

Wind generated electricity costs the American tax payers in the range of 11 billion dollars in today’s costs, that is what the companies get in straight up federal tax dollars upfront just for having built the wind generating farms they collect 42% of all energy subsides but only generate 2% of the electricity Americans use.

Coal receives 10% of the energy subsidies but generates 45% of the energy we use, wind solar farms must have a backup power plant either gas or coal to provide energy on the days that the wind does not provide for energy generation.

Here is a little known fact about light bulbs:

incandescent light bulbs and CFL bulbs the actual cost difference is a 1/16th of a penny over a month and majority of consumers do not know that in order to effectively get the most out of CFL bulbs is once you turn them on you must leave them on for another 15 minutes before you turn the light off.

The CFL bulbs last about 6 months because consumers do not read the fine print on how to use them or the steps you must take if one breaks and in bold letters the first step states no vacuum cleaner at all, because it will spread the mercury in the CFL bulb thru out the persons house.

the best type of bulb to get is the L.E.D. Bulb because over the course of a year each bulb average cost ranges from .046 cents to 1.56 depending on the wattage you select. People who think they are saving the planet do not realize they are paying for the electricity 3 times before they actually you the renewable generated electricity. The companies the build the wind farms get paid a direct federal subsidy for building them, then they get another federal subsidy for generating the wind electricity for transmission to people’s homes and then the consumer pays again by paying the electric bill each month.  People who pay for wind generated power they actually are paying 3 to 4 times more than someone who has electricity generated from natural gas or coal.



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