The Empt Chair

November 2, 2016

The empty chair sometimes sits in a corner, or on the side, the head of the table where people eat meals, even holiday meals as well. The empty chair happens almost daily and I’m just guessing in 1 out of every 5 families to some degree or another. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and just time are when most empty chairs can happen a person just never knows.

Most empty chairs happen because that person has decided to sacrifice his personal private life to enlist and defend this nation and the americans who live here. Families, couples, children and friends and relatives have great pride in that single empty chair at holidays because it reminds them of the sacrifice that that person has chosen to do for family, honor, and the nation.

Other times that an empt chair happens is divorce, relocation, distance, death, anger, and misunderstandings, most times the empty chair just sits up against the wall so that its out of the way, it shouldnt be banished to never to be seen that empty chair had an individual sitting in it for years at one time, its part of a person or families life.

Holidays are the hardest for the empty chair because it reminds people that the person wont be home, instead of letting it be a sad reminder, put a picture at the table where the chair would be and make sure the chair is there as well this year for the holidays.

Howard William Osterkamp has been attributed to the following saying and its true “all gave some;some gave all” this phrase sums it all for anyone who has or had a member in the military or has lost a loved one in the military.

This time of the year is when the empty chair causes the most pain in those who have lost loved ones, instead of dwelling on the sadness focus on the joy and the zest for life that the person had in the empty chair. To really honor that empty chair, focus on that persons ideas for life no matter how crazy the ideas were.

To those that have a family member, relative, friend, lover or future spouse in the military, I tip my hat to you and to the ones who have stepped up to volunteer and set aside their private life takes a great deal of commitment on their part and I salute all of you for supporting them in your own ways. Let the empty chair also be a reason to celebrate instead of sadness.

I have an idea not sure if it will take off, but post pictures of the empty chair with the persons picture on the empty chair doing something or sitting in some place that will make a person smile or even laugh, especially if its a current active military person.


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