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The Democrats & The Elites Hypocrisies

June 25, 2018

The democrats and their elitist friends in hollywood are hypocrites when it comes to the separation of illegals, and their children when they cross into America illegally.

Where is the outcry when Americans are arrested and separated from their children who are then put into the foster care system. You will just hear crickets because democrats and the elitist won’t be protesting.

In 2013 there was 2.7 million legal American children in the foster care system nation wide due to single parent or both parents serving time. You will not see the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Maxine Waters protesting the separating of American children from their parents after they are arrested. You won’t see any movie stars having hunger strikes at all.

Everyday there are adults arrested that have children and are separated in all 50 states, but we hear no outcry from any democrat or Hollywood elite protesting at all. They would rather protest for illegals it shows the rest of America where their priorities are at. Once again democrats feel that illegals have more rights under our Constitution that actual American citizens.

Democrats and the elites get upset when you point out that Bill Clinton signed the bill into Law to deter parents in South American countries from sending their children alone to cross into America illegally.

Where is the outrage of American adults being separated from their kids when they are arrested?


Pro Sports

June 7, 2018

Starting last year, there was an embarrassing outcry from pro sports figures because of a gotcha secretly filmed video of President Trump and a bush family memember working for TMZ, and filmed Trump over a decade ago that was meant to be used as a means of ending trumps tv career. The media felt that they had built up trump so they could take him out just like every other person they disliked.

These so called pro sports players today are claiming to be the virtuous male figures. I call bullshit on every single pro sports player to say they have never said anything degrading regarding women at one point in their lives. They feel that they are pro sports celebs that they can interject their political beliefs into the mix, they are so wrong about that. People pay the ticket prices to get away from everything, not be reminded of everything by players in the different pro sports leagues.

The mayor of Philadelphia has it all wrong by blaming President Trump about Vietnam, its the players that right after winning the super bowl, they went on social media about how they would never visit the White House while Trump was President. What those juvenile supposedly adult pro sports players forget that its the White House, not the presidential house. To mix their political beliefs about not going to the White House shows total ignorance and total disrespect to the very people who pay the season ticket prices and help pay for their contracts.

I didn’t say anything disrespectful regarding former President Obama while he was in office, I disagreed with his political outlook and his political abuses. I admired the fact that obama was elected, but I totally disagreed with how he treated the Constitution and the United States. I argued against his politics, not the person. The White House is unique in world history, the person who occupies it does so for four years, then is either re-elected or is voted out of office.

To be extended an invitation to the white is an honor considering the history, to believe the media about what they say about the current occupant means that you put hatred and politics before anything else. The majority of the Philadelphia eagles who stated they wouldn’t attend the White House ceremony reveals they have no class or respect for their fans.

Now we have the NBA so called super stars going on social media and stating they will not be attending any White House invites while President Trump is in office. The NBA is still cleaning up its bad image from some players using drugs, getting a hold of weapons, shooting up bars or wrecking the bars or the hotels they stay in. Lebron and Curry are further examples of ignorance on display, once they get the big contracts they find the nearest safe places to buy a house or homes, but leave the towns and cities they grew up in, they claim to be persons who are interested in helping communities out but they show their true colors by ignoring where they came from.

I would never extend an invite from the White House to persons like Lebron and Curry because they have no respect for their fans its all about “gimme the money”, if Lebron and Curry and Kevin Durant wake up and realize the White House invite is not about them as individuals but the entire team representing the entire league and all of its fans to be graciously congratulated by the current president at a White House ceremony means more to its fans than they realize.

The Philadelphia eagles will lose a portion of their fan base due to the disrespect of the fans that support them, those fans will use the money they normally pay to attend those football games will continue to increase till eventually teams will be combined and eliminated as the league consolidates causing a chain reaction all the way into the college ranks, some colleges are looking to get rid of their football programs already.

Pro sports leagues have fans that support them but they will lose that fan base over time if the players feel they can spout off about their political views and utter insults at current White House occupant shows how much disrespect they have for their fans. To set aside your personal political beliefs and attend a White House ceremony shows true maturity compared to how you are acting on tv, and on social media.